Baron von Skippy on 4 Apr 2003 04:08:01 -0000

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Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)

Orc strip-mines the same Grid square (9,5) 5 times.. With the
Quality Costs paid, this will cost 875 BNS. Mining will be complete at the
end of nday 8 (extra time for Quality).

Orc strip-mines four other squares a helluva lot of times:  (10,8)x4;
(11,8)x4; (12,8)x4; (12,9)x3 (costing another 2625 BNS - I think BvS had
the wrong total for this transaction earlier). The second batch of Mining
operations will be done at the end of nday 8 as well.

-Any way you slice it, he did what I recognized. He can only /afford/ the first 15. No one can afford to mine 20 squares at the moment. So, he spent 2625 BNS and that was that. Although I suppose it's reasonalbe for him to have mined the 16th square, just not to have paid the quality cost.

Okay, Orc loses another 75 BNS.-


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