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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Thursday evening)

"If It IS Broke, Fix It!" is p1431/0, /1, /2
"Ehem, no, I think I'd like to just stay here" is p1432/0, /1
"Tweaking Justice" is p1433/0.
"You gotta do things yourself" is p1434/0 (rectified: it was specified as
an a la carte, but had no clear item delimiters. I broke it into what I
believe to be reasonable sections.)
"Recycling Recycling Centers" is p1426/1
"Unlikely Icecapades" is p1422/3.
"Now that's winning charm!" is p1435/0.
"Recycling insta-rules" is p1436/0, /1 (nweek 39 - came after deadline)

Glotmorf gives 1 point to Orc.
Orc moves on the Grid, picking up a Bonus Box (ooh! Shiny! +25 pts).

Orc strip-mines the same Grid square (9,5) 5 times.. With the
Quality Costs paid, this will cost 875 BNS. Mining will be complete at the
end of nday 8 (extra time for Quality).

Orc strip-mines four other squares a helluva lot of times:  (10,8)x4;
(11,8)x4; (12,8)x4; (12,9)x3 (costing another 2625 BNS - I think BvS had
the wrong total for this transaction earlier). The second batch of Mining
operations will be done at the end of nday 8 as well.

The Voice goes On Leave.

The Ballot is forthcoming. (Which reminds me: vote NO on The Voice's
voting revamp, because it'd make voting a 4-day period, but the nweek
still ends 3 ndays after voting starts, and that could be a paradox
waiting to happen.)

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