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[Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] insta-rule questions

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On Thursday 03 April 2003 05:08 pm, Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
> >I propose:
> >{{
> >__Recycling insta-rules__
> >
> >In section A.3.1 in rule 21 add the following to the table:
> >{{
> >Insta-rules			50
> >}}
> Too much.

[[ Better ideas? ]]

> >Create the following rule:
> >{{
> >__Insta-rules explode__
> >
> >When an insta-rule is destroyed, except when it is repealed, it explodes.
> >An insta-rule may only explode once. When an insta-rule explodes, the
> >following occurs, in order:
> >* A can of whoopass is cracked open at its location, hereafter referred to
> >as the epicenter.
> A bit harsh, methinks.
See wonko's post:
"50 RUs. Plus an explosion, which knocks the recycler across the grid 
and probably hurts like a bitch. You can't just merrily vaporize all 
that rule-power without some sort of energy release, after all."

> >* Any players at the epicenter are thrown, elbonia-style at the epicenter.
> >* Any insta-rules at the epicenter or adjacent to it explode.
> >* The insta-rule is destroyed.
> Hence creating an infinite loop -- all this stuff happens after the
> destruction of an insta-rule.  Destroying it again will start things over
> again.  Instant SOE.

Replace the following:
* The insta-rule is destroyed.
* The insta-rule is destroyed, unless it's already been destroyed.
in the as-yet unrecognized __Insta-rules explode__
> >}}
> >}}
> >- --
> >bd
> Also, bd, are you aware that your mailing program or whatever still send
> out all thap PGP and HASH stuff, and the big wad of nonsense at the end of
> your emails?  I know you said your email would be doing that a while back,
> but you said it would be temporary.

I know. The bug resurfaced :( If I don't sign it, it randomly erases text from 
my send messages. Sorry. I may switch lnux distributions sometime soon, I'll 
see if the bug still happens then.

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