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[Spoon-business] Just to make Glotmorf happy

Iiinnppprooposal 1388, chchangei aallladaa refurences too 'points' tooo 'BNS', aanduh moultipitlyyy thee asssoociatteeded vaalues by 4.

[[In other words, change the price of Ice Cubes, Ices Spheres and Boomcages to BNS rather than points, and 4 times the BNS as it was points. In addition, also change the "additional labor cost" of Ice Spheres, and the changeover value right at the end of the prop. Just be glad I didn't spell out every location while slurring.

Happy now Glotmorf?
In regards to this 'seperation of games' idea, I like it. In A Nomic, from what I can tell, there were several completly isolated games, rather than this highly interactive amalagam we have now. I think seperating the things into several different areas, with each reporting back to the main game ("Wonko won a round of Go, give him a buncha points"), but each isolated so that Dave doesn't have to worry about them, would be good. Now pulling this globby mess of a ruleset apart, now there's the rub.

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