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[Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] Prop 1417

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On Monday 31 March 2003 10:50 pm, Glotmorf wrote:
> A problem I see with the proposed rule change:
> "I create an Insta-rule that says <such and such>."
> next nweek...
> "I throw my Insta-rule at Fred.
> I create an Insta-Rule that says <the opposite of the last one I created>.
> I throw my new Insta-Rule at Fred."
> This results in a Can of Whoopass going off at Fred's feet.  At no cost to
> the insta-rule maker.

[[ Aw, it's more fun to leave these untill after it's passed ;) ]]
Replace p141 with:
Append the following to rule 698:
If two insta-rules, one allowing an action and one disallowing the same action 
are located in the same grid space, both are destroyed and the effects of 
cracking open a Can of Whoopass are performed on that location. An insta-rule 
carried by a player on the grid is considered to be at the same location as 
the carrying player for the purposes of this paragraph and the next.

If an insta-rule allowing an action is thrown at a location containing an 
insta-rule disallowing the same action, or vice versa, an adjacent square to 
the target is selected. If it is legal for the thrown insta-rule to land 
there, it does so instead. Otherwise, it lands on the original target.

[[ So, it's repelled from the opposite, but if you're lucky you might bounce 
it off e.g. a Big Rock or something. ]]
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