Wonko on 26 Sep 2002 22:09:04 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Jail

Right, some fixes:

In my proposal regarding the Dark Hand, I change the number '77' to '35',
and the number '91' to '55'. [[I forgot about those two range conditions,
and I thought I had left in the 'multiple of five' one]]

In my proposal which deals with Jail, I change the text of the proposed rule
entitled Jail to read as follows:
There exist 6 objects called Cells. Each Cell is treated as if it were a
Grid square, except that Cells may not be randomly selected by any process
which selects Grid squares at random. The group of all Cells may be
collectively reffered to as Jail.

The 6 Cells are treated as if they had the following coordinates,

All Cells always are of substance Earth.
Players who are in Jail may not:
*Move from one Grid Square to another
*Spend BNS, unless a rule forces em to
*Catch Thrown Objects
*Give Kicks in the Ass

If a player would gain BNS while in jail, the BNS they would gain is put in
eir Bail Fund instead.
If a player has been in jail for an nweek, e may then pay 300 BNS to be
released from jail. Any BNS in eir Bail Fund is automatically put towards
this cost. When a player is released from jail, e is put on a random Service
Mall location, and any BNS left in eir Bail Fund is transferred to eir

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