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[Spoon-business] Is it time yet?

Mr. A...Is the clock currently correct?  If not...if it's still nday 7, as some have supposed...I'd like to do the following:

In P1052, replace "stocks" with "stocks and shares of stocks".

Create the following M-Tek club prop:

{{ _The Fish is Dead, Long Smell the Fish!_

Repeal Rule 939.

If this proposal passes, give 1/3 the points earned by it to bd.


Create the following proposal:

{{ _How's This for Feng Shui?_

If Proposal 1007 passes, create the following:

{{ _Landscaping_

An entity can pay BNS 40 for a work crew to lower the elevation by 1 of an unoccupied surface square and raise the elevation by 1 of a different unoccupied surface square.



Create the following proposal:

{{ _Rock On!_

If Proposal 1007 passes, add to Rule 301.E.1 the following paragraph:

If a Big Rock lands on a surface square, the elevation of which is less than all the surface squares of the surrounding units, the surface square becomes of type rock and ceases to be a surface square; the new surface square has an elevation one higher than the old surface square.


In Proposal 1022, change all instances of "resource unit" to "raw material".


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