Wonko on 26 Sep 2002 01:03:02 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Some random actions

I Sell all my shares of the five corporate stocks of B Nomic.

That's +2550 BNS.

I convert 1100 BNS into 100 points.

I buy 20 more Speeders.

I expend 18 Force points to use Force Intuition on (11,3), (6,3), and (7,5).

[[That means that the admin notifies my privately of the first letter of the
type of Bonus Box on each of those]]

I submit the following proposal:
__Fix the scotch__
In rule 441
replace the text, "a Scotch Gnome"
with "a Scottish Gnome"

[[There's no such thing as a Scotch Gnome]]


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