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[Spoon-business] Guy Stuff

{{ _So You Want to be a Writer..._

For the purposes of the rules that exist at the time of this proposal, within this proposal consider the character sequences "{|" and "|}" to be comment delimiters.

{| _The Guy Saga: Initial_

I don't know where I am.  I don't even know who I am.

I woke up in a room with nothing but a machine I found on the floor next to me, that looks like a permanently-open laptop or a big PDA.  It seems to work like a notepad or a clipbeardXXXXXboard, though it doesn't seem to have any way to edit stuff.  I can only type it in.  I don't nkow why I have it or where i am or why i am here or

I don't know what I am supposed to be doing, or what I am supposed to do with this pad, but I'm using it at the moment to get my thoughts in order and keep my head together.

The room is white all over, cubical, doors on each of the four walls.  I can't tell where the light is coming from, but it's definitely lit.  No windows.  No markings or decorations.  The floor is sort of a soft linoleum.  A padded room?


Add to Rule 437 the following @@@@-delimited subsection:


C. Saga Forms

Saga forms are Literary Forms, in which Saga Excerpts are added to a Saga, according to the Saga's Rules.

C.1. Sagas

A Saga is a game document that is created by and modified by proposals, and consists of two parts: the Rules and the Chronicle.

C.1.1. The Rules

A Saga's rules dictate the restrictions for adding excerpts to the Chronicle.  The Saga's rules defer to the game rules, but otherwise control the contents of excerpts and the conditions under which they can be added to the Chronicle.

A Saga's Rules are modified by proposals.

C.1.2. The Chronicle

A Saga's Chronicle is a story that is initiated, then added to, by excerpts.  The excerpts that make up a Chronicle are uniquely numbered in a way that indicates their sequence, and include the names of the entities that added them.

Other than by adding excerpts, a Chronicle cannot be changed by a proposal.  However, a CFI can challenge the validity of a Chronicle in relation to its Saga's Rules and its own internal consistency, and dictate changes to be made to the Chronicle if the CFI is ruled True.

C.2. Saga Excerpts

A Saga's Chronicle is added to by Saga Excerpts, which must be passed as part of a proposal.  An Excerpt in a proposal, aside from its significance as an Excerpt, is treated as a comment with regards to the rest of the proposal.

An Excerpt must be clearly delimited; for the purposes of the Standard Delimiters rule, an Excerpt is delimited by "{|" and "|}".  Each Excerpt must be clear in which Saga it pertains to; if a proposal contains multiple Excerpts, an Excerpt for which the Saga is not specified go into the same Saga as the Excerpt before it.

C.3. Creating and Discontinuing a Saga

A Saga is created by a proposal.  That proposal must specify the Saga's name, and can also optionally state the Saga's initial Rules and Chronicle.

A Saga can be Discontinued by a proposal.  If a Saga is Discontinued, further Excerpts cannot be added to its Chronicle, though its Rules can still be modified.

A Discontinued Saga can be Recontinued by a proposal.

C.4. Scoring

When a player votes on a proposal that contains Excerpts, e may also give that proposal a rating, which is an integer between 0 and 15. If e does not, e is assumed to have given that proposal a rating of 7. If a proposal with Excerpts passes, its proponent recieves a number of points equal to the average of all ratings given to that proposal by players other than the proponent who voted for the proposal.



Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?  Who's reading this stuff anyway?


Create the following Saga:

{{ _The Guy_

The Guy is a story which begins with its main character -- The Guy -- in a room with nothing but a PDA-type device with a keyboard.  Excerpts to this story are also known as Guy Stuff.  The Guy Rules are:


I just now looked out one of the doors, and there's another room just like this one beyond it.  I think I might have seen a movie called "Cube" once, about people who were stuck in a cube of cubes for no apparent reason, and they had to find their way out.  Those rooms had floor and ceiling doors too.  And lethal traps here and there.

I wonder why I'm here.  I hope it's not to die.  After all, that would mess up this nice white floor, wouldn't it?


1. The Guy doesn't die.

2. The story is always told from the perspective of some entity entering information at the PDA.

3. At the beginning of the story, The Guy has no memories about himself or how he got where he is.




I didn't know I was holding this thing by the keyboard end.  This pad is amazingly durable.  I just used it to make scratches in the floor that say "START" and one of the doors to say "NORTH".  It's as good a coordinate system as any, and if I do go in a circle I'll at least know it.

There's no food, no water, no bathroom that I've seen so far.  Guess I should go find them, or a way out of here.


Use the "{|" and "|}" delimited segments in this proposal as the initial text of The Guy Saga Chronicle.



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