Wonko on 25 Sep 2002 02:53:02 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Amendments

I amend my proposals 997 and 998 to replace the text 'XXXX' in both of them
with '257'.

I amend proposal 1000 [[Whoohoo! 1000!]] to replace the text, "There exist 6
Grid Squares called Cells." with "There exist 6 objects called Cells. Each
Cell is treated as if it were a Grid square, except that Cells may not be
randomly selected by any process which selects Grid squares at random."
and to remove the text, "*Gain points if e has already gained 20 or more
points that nweek."

In proposal 1004, I replace the text, "A Speeder with a Thrust Upgrade may
move one space more per nweek than it could otherwise." with "A Speeder with
a Thrust Upgrade may move one additional space per nweek."

I can't vote this nweek anyway, and I'm now flat broke point-wise, and in RL
I'm busy as hell, so I go On Leave.


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