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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday Night)


"Night of the Living Dead Stock Market" is 1016/0. [[ I forgot that -- and
this was MY idea IIRC -- vetoed props get recreated as though shelved. ]]
"From the Swirling Mists" is 1017/0.
"Wonko: 5, Game: 1" is 1020/0.
"vSOI v.2" is 1021/0.
"Nowhere to Go but Down" is 1022/0.
"Less is More: Bonus Boxes" is 1023/0.
"Cleanup on Aisle 946" is 1024/0.
"Default Chutzpah" is 1025/0.
"The Infamous Rule 6!" is 1026/0.
"What the Hell IS Bandwidth?" is 1027/0.
"Mr. Luigi, This is Your Wakeup Call" is 1028/0.
"Ambassador Biweekly v.2" is 1029/0.
"You can't have THAT crazy a New Nyear" is 1030/0.
"Eddit the Not-Powerful" is 1031/0.
"Scarf Prop" is 1032/0.
"Nseasons, Mk3" is 1033/0.
"Friendsh shouldn't let friendsh proposh drunk" is 1034/0.
"Wind (Again)" is 1035/0.
"Less is More: Beverages" is 1036/0
"Let's Give 'Em A Hand!" is 1037/0.
"Damn It, Glotmorf" is 1038/0.


I cannot at this time pay Wonko for eir Ministerial duties as Jedi Lord,
because, well, e doesn't get a salary for that, as far as I know. (My
intent in the original Force rule was that getting all those extra Force
Points would be eir compensation.)

Squire enters the Grid, snags the sledge, buys a speeder, flies around. 5
points for the speeder (they're on sale!), 10 points for 2 fire gnomes.
(I've already added all of Squire's Gnome transactions to the Web site, oh
Gnome minister.)

Baron von Skippy pays 23 points to the Witch Gremlin, and Wonko is Cursed.
Baron von Skippy buys an Airspeeder.

Wonko loses 5 Style for, once again, retaining the Pink Scarf.
Wonko has earned the Title, "Zen Master of Nomic".

bd's stocks CFI is 1018, assigned to The Voice.
Glotmorf's stocks CFI is 1019, assigned to Squire of Dimness.

The Voice enters the Grid, spends 20 points, and (I'm assuming the Gnome
Minister will take care of the Gnome stuff) eventually becomes a Priest of

Random asides:

* I noticed, in one of the emails I won't be processing tonight, that the
Gnome Minister recognized something and said the Web site was updated,
but, well, it wasn't. Is the aforementioned Gnome Minister still using the
nomic.net pages that I've said are gonna be defunct at least through the
end of the nweek? I certainly hope not.
(http://www.technopagan.org/nomic/ministry/YOUR-MINISTRY-HERE/ , same
username and password as before.)

* The Ministers and I need something -- I don't know what -- but some
central way of seeing who's recognized what. Suggestions from the
technically inclined are welcomed. (I'm thinking something along the lines
of a webmail interface, subscribed to the business list, where we can make
comments on emails and update their relative status. Heck, we could
probably steal a bug-tracking system...)


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