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[Spoon-business] How does one worship a god of atheists, anyway?

I propose:

__Eddie the Not-Powerful__

Create a rule:

Priests of Eddie may Debunk any action taken by a priest of any other god, provided that the action is an action limited to only priests, targets them, and they Debunk before the action takes effect. The effects of a Debunked action are negated. Priests of Eddie can only Debunk one action per nweek.

Priests of Eddie may also Aggresively Defend against any such priestly action that targets them, before it takes effect. All effects of any action Aggressively Defended against are negated, then applied to the Priest who performed the action. Priests of Eddie who Aggresively Defend are admitting that the supernatural does exist, and therefore lose their status as a Priest of Eddie. They may not reclaim eir Priesthood until the next nweek after Aggresively Defending.


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