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[Spoon-business] Maybe there's something to Orc's argument after all...

I propose:

__vSOI v.2__

Even fairly evil CEOs have to relax some time. For the Baron, this would have been one of those times, if it weren't for the hangover. After the Gnome Account hit 100 points, there had been a party, he remembered that. Then... ugh... something about a slice of lemon and a gold brick. So, pumped full of aspirin, e was sifting through various paperwork, from field agents seeking the Rings asking for more backup, vSET screaming for funding, and reports in the Daily Recognizer about a group led by that firebrand, Orc, protesting that vSOI was attempting to bleed the funds of the city into its owners pockets. Orc was demanding that vSOI lower the benefits offered its employees and/or give them to the community. Great. Clearly, the nuances of running a private army through accounting tricks had escapsed this Orc. Or maybe the Baron wasn't admitting the existence of said army. One or the other. If only someone would turn off that ringing in eir head, e could find a solution... Eir eyes fell first on the paper, then on Campion's latest request for money, then back. The stockholders wouldn't be thrilled, but with vSOI not holding the political power to fend off a legal battle over those benefits, maybe this was what e was looking for. As he began to scratch notes, e hoped that vSET produced results soon, or e could kiss that market share goodbye...]]

Amend Rule 748 to read:
Certain Gnome types may be designated as being on the vSOI Menu. There exist game entities called the Gnome Account and vSET.

Any member of vSOI may purchase a random Gnome on the Menu for 2 points, or a specific Gnome on the Menu for 5 points, paid to the Gnome Account. Any non-member player may purchase a random Gnome on the Menu for 5 points, or a specific Gnome on the Menu for 10 points, paid to the Gnome Account.

At the end of each nweek, transfer half of the points in the Gnome Account, rounded down, to vSET. If at the end of any nweek, before this transfer is enacted, there are more than 100 points in vSET, this transfer does not take place. If, after it has been determined whether a transfer will take place, and, if a transfer will take place, after the transfer, if there are more than 100 points in the Gnome Account, all points in the Gnome Account shall be removed the Gnome Account, and each member of vSOI given G/M points, rounded down, where G is the number of points in the Gnome Account and M is the number of members of vSOI, with any remaining points being returned to the Gnome Account.

At the start of each nweek, each member of vSOI shall recieve one random Gnome.

The following Gnome types are on the vSOI Menu:
Basic Gnomes
Sheep Gnomes
Winter Gnomes
Summer Gnomes
Water Gnomes
Air Gnomes
Earth Gnomes
Grain Gnomes
Alien Gnomes
Lemon Gnomes
Herb Gnomes

If proposal 1005 passed, create a new rule:
__von Skippy Experimental Technologies__

The game entity vSET may purchase lands and improvements as though it were a player, provided that all non-CEO members of vSOI or the CEO and one third of all non-CEO members of vSOI agree upon each purchase, and provided that there are enough points in vSET to allow the purchase.

In the first paragraph of 301.F.9, replace the words "Gnome Account" with "vSET."

[[Okay, so I'll admit I'm not totally sure what vSET will do with its funds, besides buy lands. But it does slash the free profits of vSOI members like nothing else. Its eventual use will have something to do with new technologies, probably Speeder-based, unless something else occurs to me. But then again, I'm own no copyrights on vSOI. If anyone sees a good way to use this, go for it.]]

Oh, and I buy an Airspeeder.


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