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[Spoon-business] Well, damn, here's a thought...

I pay the Witch Gremlin to Curse Wonko, thus making it impossible for him to do any voting... here's the rationale.

If the Witch Gremlin is Active, any player who has not done so already that nweek may pay (10 + 5d3) points to the Gremlin Fund to make the Witch Gremlin Curse a player. As long as a player is Cursed, e may not vote.

Each shareholder of a player can cast shareholder votes, one per share owned of the player's stock, on each ballot issue, to determine how the player will vote on that issue; a shareholder vote must be one of the valid vote types for a ballot issue. The votes a player casts as eir ballot votes are used to determine eir shareholder votes for that issue.

I interpret this as meaning that the Witch Gremlin can block Wonko's Shareholder votes as well as eir regular Votes. Which gives me a window for today's proposal:

__Wonko: 5, Game: 1__

Delete subsection C.2.5 of Rule 946.
Give 946.C.2.6 the serial number 946.C.2.5.

Now, if Wonko had gone Public, I could have bought a majority and controlled all of his Shareholder votes too... ah well. Someone else would have out-bought me.


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