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[Spoon-business] Weather Update(s)

As I have absolutely no clue what the temperature was before this fiasco, and I'm not sure whether some proposal set it to something, I'm just going to assume it's at 0 until someone tells me otherwise... I can retroactively change it later.


The post-entropy-reset weather:

Season: Winter
Temperature Roll: 4
Precipitation Roll: 4

Precip. Type: Hail. All Gnomes on the Grid not in a player's possession lose 1hp... not that it matters right now.
Temperature: -6

The nday 1 weather (current):

Season: Winter
Temperature Roll: 14
Precipitation Roll: 5

Precip Type: Freezing Rain. The Temperature decreases by 7 degrees and 15 random Grid squares become Wet.
Temperature: -9

If it seems chilly, folks, hold on for one more nweek... Spring is right around the corner.

I hereby invoice the Administrator for 4 points.


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