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[Spoon-business] Re: [Bnomic-private] NWEEK 22 BALLOT

Well, I'm back, and I apoligize for multiple posts, but I am not sure which forums are public or whatnot. First thing: my votes:

Proposal 943/0: Precipitation (The Voice)
yes - needs work, and if it fails, clean it up

Proposal 951/1: Cleaning Up After Wonko's Cleanup (M-Tek)

Proposal 952/0: Nweek 22 Insta-Prop (House Grem)

Proposal 953/0: Cleaning Up (bd)

Proposal 954/0: Insider trading is illegal (bd)
yes - I think it's funny

Proposal 955/0: Nseasons, v.2 (The Voice)
no - I can pronounce Grinps just fine, but think it's pointless and

Proposal 956/0: He Had Killer Charm. Well... Winning Charm (The Voice)
no - needs a check.  Maybe require at least 1 point of respect, no BAC,
and something else the players can affect/do directly.

Proposal 957/0: Less is More: The Ruleset (bd)
no - Applying the first revision of my uber-prop is stupid, and I think nobody wants that.

Proposal 958/3: Wealth Control (Athena)

Proposal 959/0: A Little More: Ministries (The Administrator)
yes - although I think The Chairman should have the power to nullify transactions deemed nuts, and affect the general rules for the bank, rather than just carrying them out.

Proposal 960/0: What the Hell is an Agent? (Mithrandir)

Proposal 961/0: Yesterday's News (Mithrandir)

Proposal 962/0: Solving one of the Quest's Problems (Mithrandir)

Proposal 963/0: Oh Yes, You'll Pay (Mithrandir)
yes - faulty, but yes

Proposal 964/0: There was Something Else... Oh Yeah, a Scapegoat! (Mithrandir)
yes - pick me! pick me!

Proposal 965/0: Night of the Living Dead Stock Market (M-Tek)
yes, conditional on the Admin not objecting. If the Admin objects, my vote is instead no.

Proposal 966/1: Graves, Make That my New Motto (Baron von Skippy)
no - I like it, but don't think it should be official. Plus, I want to get my points for voting against the majority :).

Proposal 967/1: Healthy Competition, My Ass (Baron von Skippy)
no - towels are overpowered for their cost, I still don't like certain people getting discounts, whether or not I could easily join vSOI. Plus, more points for voting against the majority :).

Proposal 968/1: And now, the Dramatic Conclusion (Baron von Skippy)
yes - needs a bit of work, but that'll come later.

Proposal 969/4: The Game is Afoot! I'll Take "Anal Bum Covers" for 7,000 (Baron von Skippy) yes - Celebrity Jeopardy gets my vote any day. But I would revise it a bit if I could.

Proposal 970/0: Eddie's in the Space-Time Continuum (Baron von Skippy)

Proposal 971/1: untitled champagne proposal (Squire of Dimness)
no - it's not a complete solution

Proposal 972/0: Marching through Wall Street (Glotmorf)
no - makes stocks still confusing

Proposal 973/0: Public Exposure (Glotmorf)

Proposal 974/0: Bad Dog! (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Proposal 975/0: Towel Racks (bd)

Proposal 976/0: These Titles Ought To Last (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Proposal 978/0: Can't Touch This (Orc In a Spacesuit)

Proposal 979/0: This Wasn't In My Job Description... (Glotmorf)
yes, conditional on __Proposal 959 :A Little More: Ministries__ having enough votes to pass; otherwise, no.

Proposal 980/0: A bit of Exorc. (Wonko)
no - we need a breather.  Figure out a better way.

Proposal 981/0: A bit more Exorc. (Wonko)
no - I agree that's bad, but again, figure out a better way. We really do need a counter to force skills.

Proposal 982/0: A little more (Wonko)
no - If the reference becomes no longer obsolete, then it'll still be there. And if it's obsolete, it won't hurt anything.

Proposal 983/0: And finally... (Wonko)

Proposal 984/0: Fixing the Stock Market (Wonko)
no - doesn't really fix the system.

Proposal 985/0: Ambassador Biweekly (Athena)
no - it needs to be more metric, like someone else said. And since the end of an even nweek is an nweek away, you still have time to fix it. Also, you should be able to make announcements at any time, but only get points for one if it's the first one during an even nweek, or perhaps the metric combine the value of all announcements during the past 2 nweeks at the end of every even nweek.

Proposal 986/0: The World is An Atheist's Temple (Athena)
yes - but if it fails, make it limbo

Proposal 987/0: Lord of the Stock Scam (Athena)

Proposal 989/0: Mutations BAD! Krunk smash! (bd)
no - why are mutations bad?

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