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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday morning)

As was already pointed out, the Fight Club proposal would have passed by
the Charter Prop. rules, but the regular voting rules do take precedence.

Yes, there was in fact a Big Rock with a Siren near The Voice, which
undoes eir touchdown. (All team members forfeit the 20 points they gained
for the Touchdown.) Since The Voice's move was illegal, it in fact never
happened; e is returned to (17,10), and the Football is returned to eir

Judgment on CFJ 590 is entered. Yippee!

Judicial Reform is revised (642/1).

"A Piece of the Action" is 649/0.

"Ruleset Restructuring #1" is 650/0.
"Ruleset Restructuring #2" is 651/0.
"Ruleset Restructuring #3" is 652/0.
"Ruleset Restructuring #4" is 653/0.

I overlooked the relevant literary bonuses from the previous ballot...
(there's just getting to be too damn much stuff for me to keep track of in
my head, and things like literature are hard to judge programmatically).

570: Bean scores 9.28 (9) points.
596: Wild Card scores 6.6 (7) points.
597: Glotmorf scores 9.5 (10) points.
598: Wild Card scores 7.71 (8) points.

"New Gnome Mixes" is 644/2. And 644/3.

Wonko should get some kind of award for most egregious violation of the
spirit of the rules for this week whilst adhering to the letter thereof.

"Buzz" is 648/0. (Don't ask why it's number is out-of-sequence. Long

"Walking the line" is 647/1.

I've added DimShip specs to the Roster, lacking a better place to put 'em.


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