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spoon-business: Voteth for nweek 13

Well, dahlingth, we're really theeing a lot of thtyle in thith nweek'th lineup.  Many of thethe will go on to be ballot bocth offithe thtarth, I'm thure.  Not to thay there aren't thome that are a wathte of a thcreening, but that'th what we're here for, to pick the winnerth from the crowd and pick the lotherth from our teeth...

Prop 5-6-6:

Lovely thetting on thith one...there'th thome meat on theth boneth.  But I wonder, thweet Bean, if it wath better to therve it in three courtheth rather than one big platter...ethp. thinthe you don't let uth come back for thecondth.

My rating: yeth yeth yeth

Prop 5-6-7:

Thalt and pepper ithn't enough?  We mutht add drething, hot thauthe and chutney to the table, tho that thubtle flavorth can be dethtroyed?  Well, I thuppothe you mutht cater to all tathteth, the cutht. ith alwayth right and all that.  But no bacon bith on my cheethecake, pleathe.

My rating: yeth

Prop 5-6-8:

Thuch big wordth to dethcribe a thingle a la carte item...You could jutht ath well have thaid "the para. that thayth 'a beer' in it," rather than make people thcramble for the Webthterth in the middle of a meal.  On the other hand, I'm pleathed to thee that you now have a larger beverage litht.  Do let me know when you dethide to carry Grand Marnier?

My rating: yeth yeth

Prop 5-6-9:

...And on the fathion thene we have Wonko thowing hith new line of watcheth.  Unlike motht on the market today, though -- you thwith watch makerth out there, look up front -- Wonko'th watch doethn't juth look even TELLTH THE CORRECT TIME!  Good form and good function in a thingle watch.  Why wath thith tho long in coming?

My rating: yeth yeth yeth

Prop 5-7-0:

Yet another Robin Hood remake...and thith time not even uthing an Errol Flynn wanna-be.  Bean...jutht becauthe pitha never goeth out of thtyle doethn't mean you can therve it thtale.  The tale of Robin Hood needth a much more modern image theth calling it a handth-on profit-tharing plan.

My rating: yeth yeth, with a 9 for the writing.

Prop 5-7-1:

An un-thrilling entree.  I felt mythelf nodding off in mid-chew.  Oh...I thee...that wath the dethired effect.

You know, though, don't you, you Card, that thometimeth people abthtain not becauthe they've dothed off, but becauthe they can't dethide.  Thith ithn't boring...The thuthpenthe can be quite intenthe, in fact.  Thtill, what thith might do ith give a prod in the plecthuth to thothe that think they can jutht thay "I can't dethide" and cauthe no harm.

My rating: yeth yeth yeth

Prop 5-7-2:

Dearetht Naath, are you one of thothe that thinkth there'th alwayth room for one more table?  Never mind that the man at table three hath to have hith elbow in the ear of the woman at table four jutht to tuck in hith napkin, more tableth meanth more dinerth, tho more money?  No, Naath, no, comfort ith jutht ath much a part of the meal ath ith the food.  I need my spathe, whether I'm dining on concrete, thteel or mud.

My rating: no no

Prop 5-8-2:

Dim Thum ith a pleathant change after too many heavy mealth.  Little bith of thtuff to be thared with friendth, low in fat and plenty of choithe.  Thadly, though, thith menu ithn't a matter of choitheth from many, but ith a lot of thingth lumped with each other, thome of which might not be worth eating.

I'm thorry, Mithter A...The beef lookth good, and I like the thpitheth in the dumplingth, but I jutht don't like thrimp.

My rating: no

Prop 5-8-3:

I mutht decline from giving a review of my own work.  Though, of courthe, I like it.

My vote: yeth

Prop 5-8-4:

Yeti ith thuch a thtrange dith, in that it theemth to change each time it'th therved.  Thometimeth bigger, thometimeth thmaller, and alwayth...cold.  In thith therving, the change theemth to be in the feet: they're much thmaller than before.  No longer therveth ten.  Can a dith that uthed to be therved in the twenty-piethe bucket now make it ath a thingle-therving treathure?  Only time will tell.

My rating: yeth yeth

Prop 5-8-5:

I mutht decline from giving a review of my own work.  Though, of courthe, I like it.

My vote: yeth

Prop 5-8-6:

I mutht decline from giving a review of my own work.  Though, of courthe, I like it.

My vote: yeth

Prop 5-8-7:

Dear Wonko...many ditheth can be made to therve more people by jutht micthing more in, but thome are thpethial becauthe there'th only tho much of it.  And the cake ith jutht that much thweeter when the muthic'th thopped and ith all yourth.

My rating: no

Prop 5-8-8:

Rob, dahling...I don't even know if you can do what your prop wanth to do.  Ith not changing the ruleth, ith not making a rule, ith not changing the game state; ith thaying what thould happen thome time in the future.  I don't think there'th a plathe in the game thtate to fit that in.

Tho pleathe take thith thing off my plate, take it back to the kitchen, and cook it thome more.

My rating: returned to the kitchen (thelved)

Prop 5-8-9:

While I mutht applaud a clean kitchen, and who can thautee with all thothe gnometh there to trip over, I altho mutht point out that gnometh are fragile ath it ith...they only need to be thrown enough to dethtroy one.  Thinthe they'll break now with hardly trying, why not come up with an eathier way to break throwing or dropping them on concrete, or...

...And perhapth I thould lay off the muthroomth too...

...thkeet gnometh.

Jutht a little thomething to make cleanup more fun.  Ath oppothed to carting the thilly thingth to the nearetht airport.

My rating: no

Prop 5-9-1:

Thervithe ith bad enough ath it ith.  Fire all the waiterth, clothe the plathe down...How will that get me a dethent meal?

My rating: no no no no no

Prop 5-9-2:

Nor ith thentheleth gorging the anthwer.  I am neither a camel nor a grithly bear.

My rating: no no no no no

Prop 5-9-3:

And becauthe there'th filet mignon with herbth on the menu, I thould be deprived of filet mignon without?  Oh, very well, but they mutht be very good herbth.

My rating: yeth

Prop 5-9-4:

I do not take bribeth for my reviewth, thank you very much.  If it can't be eaten, it can't be praithed.

My rating: no no no

Prop 5-9-5:

I mutht decline from giving a review of my own work.  Though, of courthe, I like it.

My vote: yeth

Prop 5-9-6:

Thith ithn't eathy.  On the one hand, many ditheth are prepared for thingle people to enjoy, and thuth mutht be reviewed ath thuch.  On the other hand, there ith, it can't be denied, a change in contectht when thaid dith ith tathted by a group.  Tongueth aren't all alike, and thome nuanthe may be notithed by thome and not otherth.  Review by a group of the elite may improve the protheth, even ath it cuth into my own practithe.

My rating: yeth yeth

Prop 5-9-7:

I mutht decline from giving a review of my own work.  Though, of courthe, I like it.

My vote: yeth, with rating 15

Prop 5-9-8:

I dethpair thometimeth of thloppy hygeine cuthtomth, even between thothe cute coupleth who can't be pried apart and thare kitheth, whithperth, flatware...but it doeth help to know jutht what the cuthtom ith..."Unleth it ith thaid that you can, you can't drink from thomeone elthe'th glath without her thaying ith okay."  But...doeth her thaying ith okay mean you *can* drink from her glath?  What if the hath a cold, or rabieth?  What if...ith not her glath?  Ith the even allowed to thay you can drink from her glath, without getting thued later?

Perhapth Mith Mannerth can anthwer thith better.  In the meantime, I thall keep my handth to mythelf.

My rating: no

Prop 5-9-9:

One hath to admire pathion and theal.  Jutht remember, don't let the pitha get thtale before therving.

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-0-0:

I'm tho thorry, but a balanthed diet ith jutht not for me.  In the courthe of tathte-tethting mealth, I find thometimeth that I am forthed to partake of thingth all of a kind.  Bad for the thtomache, but ith my job, after all.  Perhapth the quethtion ithn't really whether I liked the meal, but whether it wath liked at all...?

My rating: no

Prop 6-0-1:

And thith ith why I don't approve of crowded platheth where people bump into each other, temperth flaring, and thoon a fine torte ith wathted ath it ith flung acroth the room.  Not for me.  Yeth, indeed, let them go elthewhere, find themthelveth a plathe to beat each other thilly, away from my table.

My rating: yeth yeth

Prop 6-0-2:

Tho far nothing'th thtopping me from getting doggy bagth when I need them.

My rating: no

Prop 6-0-3:

Yeth, there are platheth that allow people to cook at their tableth; I tend not to frequent them becauthe having people do the cooking for me ith part of the meal.  I might not be remith to a thet of thautheth that I can blend to my tathte, though.  Ath long ath they don't block the tathte of the meal itself.

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-0-4:

Thee Prop 6-0-0.

My rating: no

Prop 6-0-5:

I really don't thee why tho many people are tho oppothed to chopthtickth.  Ith jutht a matter of practithe, and it allowth one to pick with care among loth of very thmall thingth.

My rating: no

Prop 6-0-7:

While I don't yet know why the Baron put all thith thtuff on my table, I mutht admit I would like to thee what he'th going to do with it all...

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-0-8:

Perhapth he thinkth the gnome machine ith a nutri-mat...?  Perhapth he ith going to try to make tea...?

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-0-9:

Thorry, Voithe...I need two handth to eat.

My rating: no

Prop 6-1-0:

And now, bored with the meal, the people at the tableth thtart waging war with the cleaning thupplieth...I have to admit, I've been to dinnerth like that...Thign me up for that!

My rating: yeth yeth yeth

Prop 6-1-1:

Cold packth.  Very handy for thothe doggy bagth, and thometimeth a nithe picnic.

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-1-2:

Jutht where ith the treathure buried?  On the grid?  In DimThpathe?  Or ith it purely a word game?

My rating: thelved

Prop 6-1-3:

Hot packth.  Altho handy.

My rating: yeth

Prop 6-1-4:

And what ith Game Cuthtom again?

My rating: no

Prop 6-1-6:

Maybe when I know what an act of that doeth.

My rating: no

Prop 6-1-7:

Getting up from the table before the meal ith done?  Very rude.  Do try to hold it a little longer.

My rating: yeth

(Thorry about thothe latht few thcanty reviewth...Deadline wath coming up fatht.)