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spoon-business: Judgement on C-F-J 6-1-8

The thtatement made in thith C-F-J, at leatht in the litht of rethent C-F-Jth, ith:

"If the Clock ith Off, no player may take any game-rel. actionth ecthept actionth which the ruleth thpec. thay may be taken while The Clock ith Off."

(Pleathe allow for the lithp.)

I judge thith thtatement to be FALTHE.


Thith ith a quote from Rule 3.  Jutht becauthe it'th in the ruleth doethn't make it true.  It conflicth with any rule that thayth thomething can be done ath an action.  The current conflict-tholving rule thayth that the rule with the higher chuthpah ith the one that taketh the lead.  Therefore, if an action ith from a rule with a higher chuthpah than Rule 3 (which hath chuthpah of 0), it can be done with the Clock off.  The ruleth don't thay thuch actionth can thpec. be done with the Clock off, but they do thay ath a gen. cathe that that'th how it workth.

Rule 3-9-4 ith thuch a rule.  It thayth, among other thingth, that a player can tackle an other player.  The rule'th chuthpah ith 3.  Thinthe Rule 3 hath no chuthpah, Rule 3-9-4 hath the lead.  Therefore, a player can tackle an other player with the clock off.

Giving Rule 3 a higher chuthpah thould cure thith.

I have thaid.