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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer: Special ALL-CFJ edition (Thursday morning)

Hm. Nothing but CFJs, it seems...

UIN's "hey, let's be really anal and piss off Dave!" CFJ is 618, assigned
to Glotmorf.

Congenital Optimist has ruled on CFJ 606. Very deep. And CFJ 615, which
ironically will make my life easier, since I haven't gotten round to
writing the "changing a vote" portion of the vote software yet.

UIN's "who's the defendant?" CFJ wasn't a real one, but Wonko's Instant
Paradox CFJ was. Oh dear. 619, assigned to The Reality Police.

Glotmorf's insta-rules vote CFJ is 620, assigned to Yuki.

Wonko's "points" CFJ is 621. (This, by the way, is a perfect example of
"things you can just mention privately and I'll correct 'em" instead of
cluttering up the database with CFJs.)

Wild Card's CFJ is 622, assigned to Wonko.


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