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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Thursday Evening)

Since Wild Card plugged the hole that allowed free modification of
meta-rules, the various changes perpetrated afterwards are illegal and not

UIN (or The Reality Police, or whoever e is) is in fact down one proposal,
thanks to Bruce. I'm un-recognizing eir last proposal (which was 595/0,
but isn't anymore).

Wonko buys a DimShip.
Congenital Optimist gives the Sushi to Bean.

The Voice queues a Grid move and buys a DimShip.
Bean goes for a block, dropping a Big Rock on (20,10) (cost 15 pts).
Wonko drops a second Rock, obliterating the first one, and the Siren that
was on the first one. Ooh, squishy.
(Wonko is out 18 points.)
Bean buys a Pinball Gun (2 pts).

Dan comes off leave, makes a proposal, and goes on leave.
(I'm surprised nobody's thought to add that silliness to the LOGAS.)

Wild Card: where did you get that "Telephone Sanitizer Second Class"
shirt? I want one. :-)

The Voice's "This CFJ has meaning." CFJ is 606, assigned to Congenital
Optimist. Have fun.

"Swabbing the Deck" is now 595/0.
"The first rule referred to it, you it does not talk," is illegible, er, 601/0.
(Fortunately, it's revised, in English, as 601/1.)
"Gnome Bags" is 602/0.
"Barkeep! More Gnomes!" is 603/0.
"Balance II" is 604/0.
"Stretching the Bubble" is 605/0.
"Gnomes Up the Wazoo" is 607/0. Ugh. (Also 607/1.)
"Wait! It's Not Finished Yet!" is 608/0.
"I Only Have Two Hands! (And an infinite number of limbs...)" is 609/0.
"Whoosh! SPLAT!" is 610/0.
"The Newer Yeti" is 584/2.
"Freeze!" is 611/0.
"Buried Treasure" is 612/0.
"Fry!" is 613/0.
"Judicial Reform" is 614/0.

I'd like to point out that, technically, I shouldn't have recognized most
of this, as the Clock turned Off over a day ago (because I'm an idiot and
didn't look closely enough at my calendar when writing the successful
Proposal 504/1). Nothing more will be recognized between now and 00:00:01
UCT, April 21, 2002 (i.e. Sunday afternoon). Actually, nothing else will
probably be recognized until Monday morning. Hell, I dunno. At any rate,
you've got a couple days to discuss the 38 proposals on the current

Is it too late for me to post a Rectification on that proposal, to reflect
my true travel schedule? :-)


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