Jonathan David Amery on 18 Apr 2002 14:51:33 -0000

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spoon-business: Proposal

__Buried Treasure__

 A player may bury any item or group of items in their possesion,
subject to said items beeing freely transferable, and declare that
they are buried treasure.

 Buried treasure is no longer in the posession of any player.  Each
group of items such buried makes one object of buried treasure - this
is a revisable object.  

 The player burying the treasure may change the contents fo the
treasure (revising it) at any time by posting that they are doing so
to a public forum.    It is, however, frowned upon for players to
removew items from treasures that they have buried.

 The player who buried any treasure is responsible for keeping a map
indicating its location.  This map may take any form (difficult
puzzles are recommended) and should specify a clear condition for
finding the treasure.  This map may be made public.  The player may
also designate a backup map keeper, who is capable of determining if
the treasure has been found in the absence of the player who buried
the treasure.

 Upon finding a treasure the player who found it takes the entire
contents of the treasure.