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spoon-business: The first rule is, you don't talk about it (unsushiied)

[[For completeness' sake...]]


Replace the entire sushiied version of this proposal ("The first
rule referred to it, you it does not talk,") with the following:


This is a Charter Prop, to be defined by the rules included in 
the @&%$! delimited text.

If either 572 or 586 do not pass, or if both do not pass, this 
proposal deletes itself.


1. Name
The Name of the Club is "Fight Club".

2. Membership
Players may become members when two of them share the same square 
on the Grid and choose to Fight.  Players who occupy the same 
square may choose not to Fight, in which case they do not become 
members of Fight Club.  However, upon choosing to Fight, both 
players automatically become members.

Players choose to Fight by announcing their intention to do so in
a public forum.  Both players must make the declaration for a
Fight to take place; if one of the two does not make eir
declaration within 3 ndays of the first declaration, or announces
that e will not Fight, the Fight does not take place, and neither
player becomes a member of Fight Club.

Fights may not involve more than 2 players.

When a Fight takes place, 1d20 is rolled for each player.  
Whoever gets the higher roll wins.  Both players gain the 
attribute "Bruised" for 1 nweek.

3. Ousting Members 
Members may be ousted if they attempt to Fight the same player
more than once in an nweek.  To initiate an ouster, a member of
Fight Club announces an Ouster Vote in a public forum.  The
member then becomes the Vote Counter for the duration of the
votiing period, which is five ndays.  Fight Club members reply to
the Vote Counter via private email.  At the end of the five nday 
voting period, the Vote Counter announces the results in a public 
forum, also listing at that time who voted for or against the 
ouster.  The ouster succeeds if it receives a simple majority of 
member votes.

Once a member has been ousted, e may not rejoin for 2 nweeks.

If the total membership of Fight Club is 3 or less, an Ouster 
Vote cannot be initiated.  Instead, the offending member receives 
a Sharp Rap Upside The Head.  E receives the attribute "Stunned", 
and may not fight for 1 nweek.

4. Club Proposals
A Fight Club member may initiate a Club Proposal by posting a 
draft of the proposal to a non-public forum or via private email 
to other Club members.  Once the proposal is agreed upon, Club 
members may select, through any method they choose, the member 
who will post the proposal to the public forum.

If, after the proposal is posted to the public forum, a member of 
Fight Club posts an Objection to the public forum, the proposal 
is removed from the ballot.

5. First Member
Congenital Optimist is the first member of Fight Club.  Other 
members may join only according to the rules stated in 2.




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