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spoon-business: The first rule referred to it, you it does not talk,


This charter prop, @&%$! By by the rule which is contained inside 
the original which decides a limit in order to be defined is. 572 
586 do not pass, when the both sides does not pass, feeling 
smallness form inside this. 

1. Name the club 
" it is battle club " distinction. 

2. The member bow 

boils and time the map wool 
which in they two share lattices will become in the identical 
square member lu it selects the fact that it fought. The line 
possibility of occupying an identical square it selects the fact 
that it does not fight it does not know, inside the box battle it 
does not become the member of the seal which it boils. But, 
fighting in selection, both sides line possibility automatically 
it becomes the member. 

The bow informs they attempt which it does like this inside
aerial forum, u as it selects the fact that it fought. It has a
place and in order good season the both sides bow for a battle
must manufacture a declaration,; The E it does not fight anh, as
the thing does not manufacture a eir declaration inside 3 ndays
of two one triumph first declarations, when it informs, battle to
have a place, the highland anh, the bow does not become the
member of the battle club.

The battle does not know is not involved 2 person over bows.

The battle has a place and when going, 1}d{20 for the each bow it
rolls. This case of who gets a more high list victory. For 1
nweek " meng the both sides bow which it holds " it gets an

The nweek sees the identical bow little more inside when one 
time it attempts the fact that it fought, the Ousting member member the 
ousted map does not know. Draft the ouster, the member of the 
battle club informs a Ouster poll inside aerial forum. The member 
for the internal troubles of the votiing duration which 5 that 
time is ndays becomes the poll counter. The battle club member 
replies in the personal email light oil poll counter. It votes to 
the end of 5 nday duration, poll car fortune to sprout, and or 
the ouster it heads and at that hour which voted a result inside 
the aerial forum which holds with list the bay it informs. When 
it receives the majority which member poll is simple the ouster 

The member does not know the ousted as soon as, the E for 2
nweeks redetermination does not unite.

When the total member of the battle club is 3 or more enemies,
Ouster poll it could be drafted. The member which does to damage
a substitution and a feeling receives the rain difficulty upper
direction which is sharp the head. The E receives the attribute
which " it faints, " for 1 nweek it does not fight it does not

The club in the non-public forum which holds or it arranges a 
personal email light oil Anui draft in that outside club member 
as, the battle club member the seal which it boils it will hold, 
it drafts it does not know. When it agrees above easy as soon as, 
the club member in the what kind of method which it selects, to 
hold in aerial forum and the member arrange, it selects it does 
not know. 

After when being arranged in easy aerial forum, the member of the
battle club arranges an opposition in aerial forum, it is removed
from the poll which holds.

5. The first member 
inherent Optimist is the first member of the battle club. That 
outside member only combines does not know consequently in the 
rule which is stated inside 2. 


--Inherent Optimist