David E. Smith on 13 Apr 2002 04:28:45 -0000

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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Friday night!)

Tonight's edition is brought to you by the St. Louis Cardinals, who
whupped the Astros. I haven't been to a baseball game in way too long.
(Then again, having spent fifteen bucks on a burger, fries, and beer, I
don't think I can afford this sort of thing too often. :)

"Yawn" is 571/0.

Glotmorf drops a Big Rock, at a cost of 21 points, at (16,9).
Glotmorf files a flight plan. Yay!
Glotmorf's request to acquire Siren Bait is pending the outcome of eir
flight. It's highly improbable that e'll land in range to deposit Bait on
that Rock, but one never knows.

Rule 551 is Rectified (it's -> its).

It took me a while to unroll the past few nweeks' Grid movements... Rob
was at (12,12) before Bean was, so e seems to have priority there. Thus,
Rob is at (12,12) and Bean is at (12,13) -- the last legal location e
occupied, from roughly March 19.

Would someone, please, PLEASE, make a proposal to get rid of that
single-occupancy clause in the Grid?

Anything else? :-)


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