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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Wednesday afternoon)

Not again...

Today's episode of "The Daily Recognizer" is brought to you in part by
this weird channel that just appeared on my cable box: "Nickelodeon Games
and Sports," or simply "Nick GAS." They have all these weird ten-year-old
game shows that involve slime. It's just plain funny.

CFJ 533 is ruled upon.
Glotmorf thoughtfully gives the Sushi to Congenital Optimist.

"Where No Player Has Gone Before" is 554/0, 554/1.
"Repeal Rule 207" is 555/0.
"Repeal Rule 210" is 556/0, 556/1 (as "Gremlin Placers")
"Proosal?" is 557/0. (rectified: add closing BRUCE delimiter)
"Immunity Idol, v2.5" is 558/0, 558/1, 558/2.
"The Upper House" is 559/0.
"Fish-flavored Izing" is 560/0.
"The Other End of the Entropy Axis"... you've gotta be kidding. 561/0.
"Can we talk about this later, honey?" is 562/0, 562/1.
"And It's Not 42" is 563/0.
"Weather Gnomes" is 564/0.
"What do a Gibbet and a Clothesline Have in Common?" is 565/0.

"The New Yeti" is 541/1.
"Mass Production" is 538/1.
"Enter the Gnome" is 539/1.

"Mommy, I want off!" is revised (543/1).

The Scoring Gremlin hadn't been doing anything, because the rule specified
that the lowest non-zero-score player had to be at least 20 points away
from the next lowest non-zero-score player, which has never been the case.
And now it only kicks in during vote counting anyway...

Moves queued: Congenital Optimist, The Voice, Wonko, Glotmorf. (Glotmorf:
your move is legal, but your intended destination for flying Elbonian is
not - you can only fly to another Elbonian Airways location. You may wish
to resubmit your flight plan, since I'm disregarding it.)

There are no Brooks, since those only appear after Frozen squares have
melted. There was a loophole in the rules which I don't presently remember
that prevented that from happening the last time the Yeti was on the
loose, and of course, it's still well below Freezing now.

As always, if I've overlooked something, let me know soonest -- voting
starts in just over five hours.


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