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Re: spoon-business: CFJ526 and a spinoff

I the html it uses inside the email, for the skippy kick hard inside the donkey.

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On 4/6/02 at 11:11 PM Alex Truelsen wrote:
Okay, I'm probably not exactly impartial here, but I'll try to be.
CFJ 526/0
CFJ by The Voice
Assigned Judge: Baron von Skippy

Statement: Rules 500 and 501 do not exist.

Analysis: Neither rule amends rule 293 to define how Guido and Copper, both of whom arguably affect players directly, would have an effect on a player who holds the Immunity Idol, as is required by rule 293:

"Any rule which creates a gremlin which directly affects players must also amend this rule to specify how that gremlin would affect the player with the Idol."
Well, I've looked into it quite extensively...
I judge FALSE.
Analysis: Proposal 524/1 read, and I quote: "Delete the third paragraph of Rule 293." Now, that would, in fact, be the paragraph in question. However, the Administrator appears to have not altered the rule, despite the amendment to proposal 524 which ad!
ded that section not being the ignored alteration. This creates a bit of a problem, obviously, but the proposal which passed should have that text in it.
As such, I Call For Judgement.
Statement: The Administrator did not alter the ruleset in accordance with proposal 524/1, which read, among other things, "Delete the third paragraph of Rule 293."
Analysis: Those words were part of one of my 5 alterations to proposal 524, but were not recognized, despite the amendment being recognized. The Administrator altered the gamestate in a manner inconsistent with the rules.
Now, then, here is the complete text of my add-on to that proposal, just so you all see it. Perchance you may recognize it.!
 This part was sent out at least twice, possibly three times, all with different punctuation:
A few days pass...
      "Wonko CFJ'd? You can't be serious!"
      "It's all over the news, Baron. If this CFJ is judged true, half the Gremlins in Bville wink out of existence."
      "The half created by me, the Voice, and Wonko, that is."
      "Yes, sir."
      "All right, I'll get right on it. Have Andre meet me in the conference room."
      "Yes, sir."
      15 minutes later, Andre, legal council to Baron von Skippy, met er employer for an emergency meeting.
      "Well, Andre, what do you have for me?"
      "Baron, it doesn't look good. Any Judge in eir right mind would ha! ve to decide TRUE for this one."
      "I thought I had saved Copper by making him Idol-compliant," the Baron muttered angrily. "So, what hoops must I jump through to save him now?"
      "Well, Baron, I've been looking at the ruleset, and I think I've found the solution." The Baron grimaced slightly at the memory of that failed proposal and attempt at haiku. "Oh, sorry, sir. Anyway, here it is."
Delete the third paragraph of Rule 293.
      "That's it?"
      "Well, sir, that's the trouble part, the part that reads 'Any rule which creates a gremlin which directly affects players must also amend this rule to specify how that gremlin would affect the player with the Idol.' Without it, this problem disappears."
      "But ! without it, how will Gremlins be Idol-compliant?"
      "It will be assumed that the holder of the Idol is immune to all effects of that Gremlin, unless the effects have been specified by an amendment to Rule 293. Such amendments will be at the creator's discretion."
      "Can it actually work?"
      "Oh, yes, sir, and it clears up this major problem. If we send it off soon enough, we can save Copper this nweek, a nice side bonus."
      The Baron leaned back, a smile spreading across his face. "Good work, Andre. Fire it off, and we'll see if we can't resolve this little problem before it erupts into another wave of riots."
      Andre did so, and left the room and BvS looking pensively out of the conference room's windows at Bville outside.

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