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spoon-business: Omnibus Proposal


[[ The whole point of this is to repeal stuff that either is unused, or
that really annoys me. The precise content is open to debate. ]]

1. Append to the end of the seventh paragraph of Rule 154 the sentence
"This penalty to Activity does not apply if the player is on voluntary

2. Replace the phrase "(or the Administrator, if the Administrator is not
a player)" with "or the Administrator" in Rule 404. [[ redundancy ]]

3. Remove the second and third paragraphs of Rule 153. [[ nothing uses
them, and they're annoying to maintain ]]

4. Replace the phrase "On Leave" with "On Forced Leave" in Rule 206.
[[ Otherwise, players who choose to take time off can still be tossed from
the roster, which is unfair IMO. ]]

5. Repeal Rule 210. [[ It's weird, confusing, poorly written, and nothing
uses it anyway. ]]

6. Replace the phrase "must also amend this rule" with "should also amend
this rule" in Rule 293.

7. Add the phrase ", also known as Crowley" to the end of the first
sentence of Rule 297.

8. Remove the last sentence of Rule 298. [[ Well, DUH. ]]

9. Add "Concrete" to the List of Grid Substances. Assign the Substance
"Concrete" to all Elbonian Airways locations, and to one square adjacent
to each Elbonian Airways location, chosen randomly. [[ runways ]]

10. Remove the phrase "If Checkpoints exist, Curt and Rod both become
Active at the begininng of every Checkpoint. If Checkpoints do not exist,
" from Rule 402. [[ There are no checkpoints, and I doubt there ever will
be. ]]

11. Repeal Rule 348. [[ Have I mentioned lately that I hate the Yeti? ]]


Recognized as 552/0. (It's good to be me sometimes.)


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