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spoon-business: The Late Late Late Daily Recognizer

Okay, we're back, and it's time for more good stuff!

"Back From Exile" is revised (531/2).
"Temperature" is revised (508/1).
"Fixing Football (reprise)" is 532/0.
"Vote yes on this, it's a no-op" is 511/1.

"If At First You Don't Succeed, Skydiving Is Not For You" is revised
(524/1) (and 524/2). The latter is the one with the working punctuation;
I'm pretending the intermediate revisions don't exist.

"The Curse of the Cinquain" is revised (525/2).

CFJs: "There is no Gremlin" is 533, assigned to Rob.
"That's Corpse, SIR to you!" is 534, assigned to Wild Card.

"You can't have Footballing co-Color Commentators" is 535/0.

"Sirens and Cheerleaders" is revised (515/2).
"Miscellaneous Fixes" is revised (516/1).

As of when the request was posted, The Voice could not legally transfer
the Sushi to Glotmorf (four-day rule).


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