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{{ _Rearranging the Football Furniture_

Replace Rule 394 in its entirety with the following [[identical to the original, but rearranged]]:

A. Definitions

A.1. The Game

There exists a game known as Football. Football is played on The Grid between two teams: Team Turquoise and Team Crimson. Each team has a player roster.

A.2. The Football

There exists an entity known as The Football. The objective of each team is to bring the Football to eir designated "end-zone" in the possession of one of the players on eir Team Roster. For Team Turquoise, the end-zone is any location on The Grid with x-coordinate equal to 1. For Team Crimson, the end-zone is any location on The Grid with x-coordinate equal to 20.

B. Playing on a Team

Players may place eir names on the roster of either Team by posting eir intention to do so in a public fourm, but may do so only if eir name is not already on a roster, if they are on The Grid, and if the roster of the Team they wish to join does not have more players than the other Team [[You can only join a team if the team sizes are equal, or if you're joining the smaller team]].

A player may remove eir name from a roster at any time e is not in possession of the Football by posting eir intention in a public forum. After removing eir name from a player roster, a player may not add eir name to a roster for one nweek. If a player is ever in Limbo, eir name is removed from any player rosters it may be on.

Players whose names are on a Team's roster are considered to be "playing Football". All actions taken by a player with regards to the game of Football must be posted in a public forum.

C. The Football

C.1. Possessing the Football

Any player playing Football who is at the same location as the Football may pick it up. That player is considered to be "in posession" of the Football. If a player is in possession of the Football, it moves with that player. A player may not pick up the Football if it is in the possession of another player.

C.2. Tackling

If a player is playing Football, and the player in posession of the Football is not farther than two units away from eir location, e may tackle the player with the Football. The player making the tackle immediately moves to the same location as the player being tackled. Both the tackling and the tackled players do not move at the end of the nweek, even if they had already declared movement. The Football is placed in the possession of the player on the tackling player's Team who is furthest from eir end-zone.

C.3. Fumbling

If a Player is playing Football, and is in possession of the Football, and enters a Grid location containing a MO, there is a 25% chance that Player will Trip and Fall. If said same Player enters a Grid location containing Mud, there is a 50% chance that Player will Slip and Fall. If said same Player enters a Grid location containing both Mud and a MO, there is a 25% chance of Tripping and Falling and a 50% chance of Slipping and Falling, with only a 25% chance of not Falling. If e falls, there is a 50% chance e will Fumble the Football, and a 20% chance e will Fumble another object in eir possession, randomly selected. Fumbled objects will, if at all possible, move to a Grid location adjacent to the Player's location; said location will be selected using a roll on a 1dN, where N is the sum of the following weights, for those locations available to movement:

- the location in the same direction as the Player's attempted movement: 3

- each of the locations on either side of the above: 2

- each of the remaining locations: 1

for a total of 10 if all adjacent locations are available. The possible die values will be allocated to the locations based on their weight.

D. Movement

D.1. Metrics

When calculating any distance with regard to the game of Football the Euclidean metric is always used, except when calculating a Player's distance to eir end-zone. The distance from a Player to eir end-zone is the absolute value of the difference between eir x-coordinate, and the x-coordinate of eir end-zone.

D.2. Running

If a player is playing Football, instead of moving as specified in rule 301, e may move to any location which is less than or equal to three units from eir current location. Moving in such a way is known as running, and a player must specify that e is running in order to move in this manner. If after a player runs, e occupies the same location as a Shiny Thing or a Scary Dark Thing, eir score changes by only 1/5 of the amount defined in rule 301. This rule supercedes rule 301 in this respect. Movement by running otherwise occurs in accordance with rule 301 (with respect to timing, restrictions, etc.).

D.3. Drives

A Drive, when referring to Football, is defined as the period of time between when one of the players on a team is first in posession of the football and the soonest point at which a player on that team is not in possession of the football. [[ This def'n may have to change, but it'll work for now ]] The Line of Scrimmage of a Drive is defined as the locations on The Grid which have the same x-coordinate that the Football did at the beginning of the Drive.

D.4. Special Movement

Players playing Football may only use Elbonian Airways to fly at a square within 7 units of them. The player holding the Football may not use Elbonian Airways at all. A Player playing Football may not use Curt and Rod to move as specified in rule 402 unless e is not carrying the football and the football is at least 7 squares away from eir destination.

E. Scoring

If a Team succeeds in bringing the Football to eir end-zone in the possession of one eir players, all members of the Team gain 20 points, and the Football is placed at one of (10, 10), (10, 11), (11, 10), or (11, 11) with equal probability.