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spoon-business: Nomilogue #4

{{ _These are the Voyages of the DimShip Benomicant_


"So...think they'll launch at the end of the week?"

"They think so.  They're sure gonna try."

"This'll be a first flight, right?  Shakedown cruise?"

"Yeah.  That's why the backer's taking the chief engineer along."

"Poor bastard.  Glad they didn't need me."

"Why?  The prototype came back okay."

"Yeah, but what about the other prototype?"

"What other prototype?"



"No one's saying what happened to the first one, except it's why they were using pigs in the second one."

"Thought they used monkeys for that sort of thing."

"Didn't you see 'Alien'?  Pig guts are real close to human guts.  They wanted to see if the trip would scramble people's insides."


"But disrespectful.  I hear they think one of the pigs is stranded in the Snob Realm."

"Have you thought about how weird all this extradimensional stuff is?"

"I try not to.  Seen the ship?"

"Yeah.  It's's kinda...I thought it's..."


"Yeah.  I don't get it.  It's supposed to travel through dimensions, right?  But it looks so...boring."

"Think that has to do with the dimensions...all these subjective terms for them.  Maybe the ship has to be boring so that it doesn't bias itself in any one direction."

"That make sense to you?"

"Nope.  Guess that's why I don't have an advanced degree."

"But boring or not, people are gonna climb inside and ride it somewhere, I guess.  They issued a policy update today."

"Musta missed that.  What's it say?"


Append to the last paragraph of rule 493 the following:

"A DimShip, once built, can be launched at the end of the nweek."


"Huh.  And it's built, isn't it?  The...Benomicant?"

"Yep.  That's why they had the barbecue party.  By the way..."


"Whatever happened to that last test pig?"

"Well, I can see why *you* don't have an advanced degree..."