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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Thursday afternoon)

Okay, here we go again...

"Removal of Cruft" is 506/0.
"Roast the PIG" is 507/0.
"Temperature" is 508/0. (Why, oh why, is everyone working so damn hard to
bring back the Yeti?)
"Cinquains Suck" is 509/0.

"Only running is boring IV" is 510/0.
"Ow! That's gotta hurt!" is 511/0.
"Bean is SOOOO f***ing bitter" is 512/0.
The Voter Colonel is revised (491/1).
"Grandpa, that's Maggie" is 513/0.

Glotmorf is cool enough to not take credit for points that don't belong to
em: for 485/0, 11 points are transferred to Wonko from Glotmorf.
(Fortunately, this doesn't upset the Token or Idol or anything.) Ditto for
1 point of Charm and 1 point of Entropy.

I've added a link to the PIG Calculator on the homepage. (If Glotmorf
doesn't object, I may copy it to the B Nomic server, just to get rid of
the ads.)

Glotmorf can't give the Scarf to Bean until the end of this nweek, so eir
request to transfer the Scarf is disregarded.

"Stop to think." is 514/0.
"Exclusive doors." is 515/0, with the caveat that if passed, in its
present form, I will have to veto it on technical grounds (there's already
a game object using the serial number 123). Try just creating a rule,
giving it arbitrarily high Chutzpah, and make *that* self-repealing.

Congenital Optimist's move is queued. And e's a Cheerleader! (Yay

"Sirens and Cheerleaders" is 515/0.
"Miscellaneous Fixes" is 516/0.

Bean has a Gender. (E may have had one before; if this is the case, I
apologize profusely.)

"No, YOU hide!" is revised (505/2).
"Removal of Cruft" is revised (506/1).

"Notice how they do not so much fly as... plummet" is 517/0.
"Shear a Sheep to Sponge a Square" is 518/0.

"Sirens and Cheerleaders" is revised (515/1).

Um... yeah, the damn Sushi. I'm treating the properly Sushi-fied versions
of everything as new revisions (since the most recent revision is the only
one that counts, the effect is the same as my un-recognizing everything,
except it saves me like fifteen minutes of work).

(Or maybe not. Something in the massive punctuation of this seems to
confuse the database, something fierce.)

"Negation, it spreads out, it hides,!" will be 505/3 as soon as I find out
why the database refuses to accept it.

"They... The plummet with the thing vast quantity flight range it peels
together and like this" is 517/1.

Wonko takes a Beer, and drinks it, acquiring a Beer Can and a BAC of 1.

I think that's it, really.

Except for the db not liking a proposal. And the fact that I'll need to
figure out how to deal with repealed rules now. And the grocery shopping
for that date. Okay, so that's not it at all.

I need a Beer.


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