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spoon-business: Inside sheep and scissors

They... The plummet
__ with the thing vast quantity flight range it peels together and like this

Higher Civil Service Examination

__ both Gnomes __ 

from that place the Gnomes both Gnomes which it shouts it exists. Initially,
2 both Gnomes of the each nweek will airdrop to a random square in the
lattice. The pretense where the Gnome lands to square in the side of
impassable aim the occuppied, being destroyed, the square which lands above,
in that square consective each square, with the all target and existence
water gets the attribute which gets wet inside that square. When both Gnome
land to the bow, that bow 1}d{4 smallness loses in the Gremlin fund,

__ the sheep it was orderly in the scissors sponge, __
__ __ from that place it cuts as the scissors exists the aim which it calls.

In order to get they to the what kind of bow which does not have the
scissors 5 things smallness it pays it does not know. The possessess if the
scissors and sheep all Gnome the box is randomly selected as that outside
shedding of blood of the }gnome{. the E, it gets the sponge and a eir both
Gnome rotation, cuts the sheep the what kind of bow which it does not know

__ cotton Swabs __ 

from that place as the cotton sponge exists the aim which it calls. When it
has the cotton sponge where the bow does not get wet, the E does not know
the sponge log which has a square E in inside. The bow wipes a square and
when when putting out, that square or what kind of aim gets wet inside that
square, that square and that aim of that time all construct and and they
become the attribute which gets wet in sponge profit. When it has the cotton
sponge where the bow gets wet, inside is the E, the map which will make wet
a square E it does not know. When the bow makes wet a square, and if that
square or the what kind of aim does not get wet, becomes the that time milk
inside that square which that target all you it does diagonally the sponge

-- Wonko which lose the attribute which gets wet
" only thing Wuhan of the cranium, outer space and the human being e li
three Um and, I am not previously "
    - ayl under the certainty regarding butt Einstein (1879-1955 year) ci