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spoon-business: Proposal: Sirens and Cheerleaders


He put the pretty brown YSL baguette bag on the rock and headed 
off.  Suddenly, much sooner than he'd expected, he heard a squeal 
of delight.  "Oh my GAWD!  Will you look at THIS!" 

He froze.  Nervously, he glanced back over his shoulder, and 

Not a siren.  A girl in a silly-looking turquoise sweater and
short skirt was climbing up onto the rock, reaching for the bag.

He sighed in relief and kept walking away.  Of course.  He'd 

Amend 494/0 by adding the following delimited paragraphs to the 

Siren Bait also works on Cheerleaders, only if the Cheerleader's 
declared gender is Female.  When a Female Cheerleader is in a 
Grid square immediately adjoining a piece of Siren Bait (either 
horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), the Cheerleader may 
only move within those squares, as if e were within a Siren's 
Zone of Enchantment.

The Cheerleader may attempt to take the Bait by declaring that e
is doing so in a public forum.  The Administrator rolls 1d6.  If
an even number is rolled, the Cheerleader takes the Bait.  Once
in eir possession, the Siren Bait becomes a Purse.  If the 
Cheerleader makes 3 unsuccessful attempts to take the Bait, the 
ZOE effect no longer applies.

She could practically taste the shiny new MAC lipglass on her 
lips as she reached for the bag.  The strap was practically 
within her reach when, seemingly out of nowhere, another pale, 
slender hand seized hold of it.

"Hey!  I saw it first!"

"No way, babe.  This bag is MINE."

"Give it back!"

The cheerleader snatched at the bag, but the Siren dodged her 
neatly.  "Sorry, honey.  These bags aren't made for the likes of 
*you*."  Her pretty lips curled into a sneer.  Contemptuously, 
she turned on her heel and settled down to dig through the bag at 
her leisure.

She was so absorbed getting the cap off the new bottle of OPI 
Ecuadorable Coral that she didn't see the enraged Cheerleader 
coming at her...

If a Siren appears before a Cheerleader can take the Siren Bait,
a Catfight ensues.  1d20 is rolled for the Cheerleader and for
the Siren.  Whoever gets the higher score wins the Catfight.  If
the Cheerleader wins, the Siren disappears and the Cheerleader
takes possession of the Bait.  If the Siren wins, the Cheerleader
goes into Limbo.


Well, that wasn't so hard.  The cheerleader dusted herself off 
and attempted to pat her hopelessly mussed hair back into place.  
Maybe the bag would have a hairbrush in it...


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