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spoon-business: Proosal: Exclusive doors

<title>Exclusive doors.</title>
[[I missed the deadline to appeal this. Therefore, a little hoop-jumping is required.]]
Create a new rule, numbered 123 and with a chutzpah of 2 [[so it takes precedence over r126]], named "Appeal of CFJ 447.", with the following @@@-delimited text:
The Judgement on CFJ 447 is overturned. The CFJ records will be updated to indicate the judgement was overturned, and if necessary, the game state is modified so that play can continue as if CFJ 447 was originally judged "Undecided". This rule then repeals itself.
The initiator's reasoning was:
"As the Administrator pointed out, declarations of Respect are not Proposals for the purpose of scoring. Ergo, there's an established custom in the rules that declarations of respect shouldn't earn the author a reward."
The judge's was:
"What Scoff! said, for one. Also, if we let votes for respect count as votes towards the Token of Proposals, then we'd have respect cropping up all over the place, as people try to grab yes votes. And that would get 
annoying, fast."

Firstly, the fact that declarations of respect don't count for scoring, and therefore they shouldn't count for the ToP, is akin to saying that because they don't count for style, they shouldn't count for scoring. In fact, it's even weaker, because they are explicitly defined not to count for scoring, indicating that they are in other ways (including scoring) identical to normal proosals.

Secondly, while I may agree with the idea that respect cropping up all over the place would be annoying, it should have absolutely no place in a Judge's reasoning. Saying "if this is true, bad things will happen" is the argument from adverse consequences, and that's a fallacy. If you don't like it, by all means change it, but don't try and make it go away by shutting your eyes to it.
[[This is just what R404 does for an appeal.]]


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