Rob Speer on 26 Mar 2002 04:08:12 -0000

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spoon-business: Use Them or Lose Them

I propose: __Removal of Cruft__

1. Repeal rule 204/1. [[ It doesn't work, because it attempts to
legislate what rules can do. This is impossible. Not screwing with time
should be a matter of game etiquette. ]]

2. Modify rule 214/1 to read:
{{ The value of the Clock must be displayed in public view. If the Clock
is Off, the value of the Watch must be displayed in public view. }}

3. Repeal rule 215/0.

4. Remove the two last paragraphs of rule 216/0. (Sorry - the 'proposing
multiple rules' mechanism is entirely messed up. My bad.)

5. In Rule 260/1, change the text
{{ with the text "*name* gets a Kick in the Ass." }}
{{ indicating that e is giving that player a Kick in the Ass, and the
reason why. }}

6. In proposal 300/1, change the text
{{ A second rules listing will be added to the game state }}
{{ A second rules listing is part of the game state }}

7. In rule 301/3, remove the paragraph
{{ The distance between two squares is the square root of (the
difference in x-values of the squares squared plus the difference in
y-values of the squares squared). }}
[[ Rule 407, "Space", makes it redundant. ]]

8. In Rule 401/0, change the text {{ ZOE }} to {{ ZOE and ZATR }}. 
[[ Right now Wax would not help you get away from a Siren. ]]


Rob Speer