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spoon-business: nweek 10 results

The following happens before the end of nweek 10:

I'm an idiot and completely ignored how Big Rocks are supposed to work. So
both of the Big Rocks, and the Siren, at wherever-it-was-Rob-had-a-rock-
dropped are gone, and Rob's move (and subsequent flight) are queued.

Glotmorf has a Gender now.

The King Gremlin pings Iain. Iain is burned for the next ten minutes or
so, until the nweek ends. E loses 4 points to Glotmorf.

Rob is the only player on the Grid who actually gets to move... e moves to
(6,6), flies the friendly skies with Elbonian (cost: 1 point!),
miraculously landing on-target at (12,12).

Rocky is Active, and drops a new Big Rock at (10,10).

The PIG ate Proposal 471/0 (Only running is boring III). Shame, that, as
it would've passed unanimously.

The Yeti eats eir Ice Gnome.

Thus ends nweek 10.

464/0 passes (5-1-2).
I hope this one doesn't bite me in the ass at some point in the
distressingly near future... Created 17/3.
Uncle Psychosis scores 13 points.

465/0 passes (4-3-1).
(This'll be weird because there is no such thing as a Step.)
Created 492/0.
Created 293/2.
The Voice scores 10 points.
Created The Golden-Armed Gremlin.

470/0 fails (3-4-1).
The Telekinetic Tackle stays round for another nweek. Whee!
Bean loses 2 points.

471/0 is eaten by the PIG (8-0-0).

472/2 passes (7-1-0).
Created 256/3.
Created 296/3.
Created 297/2.
Created 345/1.
Created 347/1.
Created 400/1.
Created a dizzy spell for the Administrator.
Created the Gremlin Fund.
Transferred 100 points from Luigi to the Fund.
Transferred 125 points from The Scoring Gremlin to the Fund.
Created 400/2.
Wonko scores 16 points.

473/1 passes (8-0-0).
Created 438/2.
Glotmorf scores 9 points.

474/0 passes (6-2-0).
Created 394/5.
Glotmorf scores 11 points.

475/0 passes (4-3-1).
Created 493/0.
Glotmorf scores 8 points.

476/0 passed (7-0-1).
Created 494/0.
Glotmorf scores 14 points.

477/1 passes (5-2-1).
Created 495/0.
Congenital Optimist scores 13 points.

478/1 passes (6-2-0).
Created 496/0.
Created The AAAAHHHH Gremlin.
The Voice scores 10 points.

479/0 passes (4-3-1).
All Players' Entropy is set to 10.
The Voice scores 8 points.

480/0 passes (7-1-0).
Created 497/0.
Glotmorf scores 12 points.

481/0 passes (7-1-0).
Created 498/0.
Glotmorf scores 7 points.

482/0 passes (6-1-1).
Created 440/1.
The Voice scores 9 points.

483/0 passes (6-1-1).
Created The Five-Star General Gremlin.
Created 499/0.
(Sir! is not Gremlin-Fund compliant. There's someone's easy points for
next nweek...)
The Voice scores 8 points.

484/0 passes (7-0-1).
Created 498/1.
Wonko scores 12 points.

485/0 passes (6-1-1).
Created 498/2.
Created 500/0.
Created Guido.
Glotmorf scores 11 points.

486/0 passes (4-1-3).
Created Copper.
Created 501/0.
Baron von Skippy scores 11 points.

487/0 passes (4-1-3).
Created 355/2.
Wonko scores 13 points.

488/1 passes (6-2-0).
Created 394/6.
Wonko scores 15 points.

489/0 passes (5-3-0).
Created 3/5.
Created 502/0.
Created 503/0.
Created 498/3.
"Beer Cans" has now been extensively modified before it even joined the
complete ruleset. That's impressively creepy.
Wild Card scores 8 points.

490/0 passes (6-2-0).
The Yeti springs forth onto The Grid, but immediately returns to Limbo (as
it's been above Freezing for three Characteristic Changes).
Nice try, though.
The Voice scores 14 points.

Literary bonuses:

The database simply cannot handle fractional scores, and those would mess
with everyone's heads anyway. So I'm treating them as "rounded to the
nearest integer". I suggest someone make it official at some point.

Glotmorf scores 6.57 (7) points for 473.
Glotmorf scores 7 points for 475.
Glotmorf scores 8.17 (8) points for 476.
Glotmorf scores 9.5 (10) points for 481.
Wonko scores 8.83 (9) points for 484.
Baron von Skippy scores 7.33 (7) points for 486.

Start of nweek 11:

The new Gremlin number is 113.

The Immunity Idol is awarded to The Voice.

The Token of Proposals would be awarded to Glotmorf, but e held it last
week. The Bandwidth Gremlin goes into Hiding.

The Yeti is in Limbo.

A Ball of Wax appears at (6,16).

Curt and Rod move to (3,8) and (19,19) respectively.

This Week's Color Commentator is Wild Card.

The Weather is just above freezing (it's 33 degrees Fahrenheit now).

Due to the ridiculous number of "abstain" votes on the previous ballot, I
make the following proposal:

{{ __Apathy Clause__

Append to the final paragraph of Rule 31 the following:

If more than 1/3 of all votes cast on any given issue are explicit
abstentions, then the proposal is considered to have failed, regardless of
the number of other votes cast. A propsal which fails in this manner shall
be treated as though it received an Administrative Veto.

[[ Yes, this means that if 3/4 of the other votes cast are affirmative, it
still passes. Yes, it means if nobody cares, you'll not gain or lose
Charm, which is as it should be. ]]

Remove the second and third paragraphs from Rule 153. [[ Nobody uses Speed
and Displacement, hence the "Apathy" apellation, and they're a PITA to
update. ]]


Recognized as 504/0.

Scoff! gives the Sushi to Wonko.
Scoff! goes On Leave.

"No, YOU Hide!" is 505/0 and 505/1.


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