Rob Speer on 24 Mar 2002 00:30:46 -0000

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spoon-business: Ack! My mail was all eaten!

Th Pnk Scrf s nt Mufflng.

[[Tho I was thtarting to get really fruthtrated with
thith game. It theemed that the Admin had forgotten to
recognize any of my proposals, and people were
accusing me of holding onto the Thcarf when I have
until nday 2 of next nweek to give it away and
ignoring me when I protethted.

Then I eventually figured out that my e-mail has
thtopped  working. None of the methages I've thent
went anywhere.

Now I'm pothting thith from a thertain Yahoo account
of mine with a thilly name. But hopefully it'll get
the methage through.

I object to the thatement that I should be penalized
for not giving away the Thcarf for thith nweek,
because ith not yet nday 2.

At the end of the nweek, I award the Thcarf to

I buy a Big Rock, drop it on Chrithtine, run to (6,
6), and fly Elbonian to (12, 12).

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