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Re: spoon-business: Ballot, nweek 10 (and more recognitions)

Quoth David E. Smith,

> I fixed 485 to reflect its correct authorship (oops).
Umm... but Glotmorf didn't write 485... I did...

> Which gives us the following ballot for nweek 10:
> Proposal 464/0: Falling out of grace. (Uncle Psychosis)
> Proposal 465/0: The Golden-Armed Gremlin (The Voice)
No. It needs to know not to throw things onto, say, Big Rocks.
> Proposal 470/0: More Football Fixes (Bean)
No. I don't think it quite works; It allows players to be moved to each
other's locations, but once they're there it no longer has anything to do
with them, so rule 301 kicks in again. Then we have an ambiguity.
> Proposal 471/0: Only running is boring III: Return of the Bean (Bean)
> Proposal 472/2: The Gremlin Fund (Wonko)
> Proposal 473/1: If It's Not Worth Reading At All, It's Not Worth Reading
> Well (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 474/0: We Don't Need No Steenkin' Clee... *splat* (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 475/0: DimSpace: The Final Frontier (Glotmorf)
No. If I'm 'displaced' from my current location, then where I end up becomes
my current location. So if I have a dimship with buoyancy 1 in the Score
direction, I instantly win. (And then, 'cuz I still have it, I win again an
infinite number of times).
> Proposal 476/0: Oh Baby, You SHOULDN'T Have! (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 477/1: Cheerleaders (Congenital Optimist)
> Proposal 478/1: Cover your Ears! (The Voice)
> Proposal 479/0: Making up for the Past (The Voice)
> Proposal 480/0: Append to Paragraph 47... or was that 48? (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 481/0: What's Football without Beer? (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 482/0: Second Law of Thermodynomics v2.0 (The Voice)
> Proposal 483/0: That's Gremlin, SIR, to you, Soldier! (The Voice)
Abstain. I'll have a real vote on this one if and when I figure out what
happens if there are multiple paths that would take a Gremlin to a
player.(and what if the path ends?)
> Proposal 484/0: Damn Spectators! (Wonko)
> Proposal 485/0: I'm not as thunk as you drink I am! (Glotmorf)
Yes, but this is *my* proposal!
> Proposal 486/0: The Riot Police (Baron von Skippy)
Yes (although someone should find a way to let him apprehend spectators as
well; They'll probably be drinking more.)
> Proposal 487/0: The Hell With That (Wonko)
Yes. We've been ignoring it anyway; it only made sense when it went along
with my own, more pathetic version of Gremball.
> Proposal 488/1: Football Players are People Too! (Wonko)
> Proposal 489/0: Happy New nYear! (Wild Card)
No - I think there's a contradiction; this says that the 2nd nyear starts on
10.1 and on 11.1
> Proposal 490/0: Spring my Arse! (The Voice)


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