David E. Smith on 22 Mar 2002 18:11:27 -0000

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spoon-business: Reassigned CFJs

The following players are added to the List of Misbehaving Judges:

Iain (for CFJ 430)
Congenital Optimist (for CFJ 444)
Uncle Psychosis (for CFJ 447)
Naath (for CFJ 459)
Rob (for CFJ 462)

Each of those players is also penalized 10 points (those that have ten
points are, at least).

On the upshot, Baron von Skippy is removed from the LMJ. You've done your
time, friend.

Those CFJs, even though they're mostly moot at this stage, are reassigned

430 is assigned to Bean
444 is assigned to Wild Card
447 is assigned to Baron von Skippy
459 is assigned to Scoff!
462 is assigned to Wonko

Remember, since these are by-and-large moot points, judging them
"Undecided" is probably an acceptable option.


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