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spoon-business: nweek 9 results

It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen...

The following happen during nweek 9:

Uncle Psychosis' proposal "Falling out of grace." is 464/0.
"The Golden-Armed Gremlin" is 465/0.
Bean has Judged CFJ460.

Wild Card enters the Grid.
Wonko joins Team Crimson.
Wild Card declares gender.

And the end of nweek 9:

Baron von Skippy moves to (5,12).
Rob moves to (6,5).
Wonko Runs to (13,11).
The Voice can't run to (10,13) because that's WAY too far for one move,
even if you're Running. Unfortunately, absent a legal alternative for that
proposed move, The Voice just stays put this nweek.
Bean Runs to (12,13).
There we go... now The Voice submits a legal move to (11,10).

Rocky drops a new Big Rock on the Grid at (7,3). As an unexpected bonus, a
vicious Siren (named "Christine") is on the Rock. This has the unfortunate
side-effect of trapping Rob in Christine's Zone of Almost-Total Rapture.

The PIG eats 452/2 (Burn, baby, Burn!).

Votes are counted! (And there was much rejoicing...)

429/2 fails (3-4).
Glotmorf loses 2 points.

431/2 passes (6-1).
Created 466/0.
Created 394/4.
Wonko scores 11 points.
I rule that eir game actions (i.e. the new rule) within that proposal were
not reflected in the "story component" (stifling a chuckle) and thus this
proposal does not qualify for the Prose Form bonus. Hell, the story
component is barely worth mentioning... The same applies for all proposals
with that same alleged-prose prelude.

432/3 passes (5-2).
Created 438/1.
Wonko scores 7 points.

433/3 fails (3-3-1).
Wonko loses 4 points.

434/2 fails (3-4).
Wonko loses 1 point.

435/0 fails (3-3-1).
The Voice loses 3 points.

445/0 fails (3-3-1).
The Voice loses 2 points.

446/0 passes (7-0).
Created 402/1.
The Voice scores 15 points.

[[ Aside: I know how Curt and Rod were *supposed* to work, but that's not
what the rule said (or says). Since they're already Active, they can't
become Active twice a week, so they can't be moved about their respective
axes.  At least this way they'll have a little bit of mobility... ]]

448/2 passes (6-1).
Created 395/1.
Wonko scores 12 points.

449/0 fails (3-3-1).
Wonko loses 5 points.

451/2 passes (5-2).
Created 467/0.
Created Ice Gnomes at (9,16), (12,11), (20,3) and Limbo (carried by The
Wonko scores 12 points.

452/2 passes (5-2).
[[ I know, I know, it was allegedly eaten by The PIG, but later on, after
461/1 passes, I'll have to unroll history to pass it anyway. So I might as
well do it now. ]]
Created 468/0.
Created Fire Gnomes at: (10,18), (6,2), (15,12), and (16,11).
Wonko scores 11 points.

453/2 fails (3-4).
Wonko loses 2 points.

454/0 passes (5-2).
[[ If I have to start learning OpenGL programming just to have a proper
representation of The Grid, I'm going to be very cranky. ]]
Created 301/3.
Created List of Grid Substances (Earth, Metal, and Mud).
Created 405/1.
[[ My, my, the Grid is getting crowded... ]]
The attribute "Earth" is added to the following ten Grid squares:
(1,15), (6,17), (8,1), (15,20), (8,3), (16,2), (16,18), (12,13), (18,6),
Congenital Optimist scores 8 points.

455/1 passes (5-2).
Created 258/4.
Uncle Psychosis scores 14 points.
Uncle Psychosis scores 10 additional points (Poetry and Haiku bonus).

456/1 passes (6-1).
The Voice earns 1 Respect.

457/1 fails (3-3-1).
Glotmorf loses 3 points.

458/0 passes (5-2).
Created 469/0.
I'm not sure if I like where this is going...
Glotmorf scored 13 points.

461/1 passes (6-1).
Sanity is restored to the Nomiverse.
Created 5/2.
Created 17/2.
Created 10/2.
Glotmorf is awarded 10 points, per the Proposal.
The Scoring Gremlin scores 12 points.
The Administrator is, in fact, Glotmorf's personal bitch.

463/0 passes (5-1-1).
Created 5/3.
Glotmorf scores 6 points.

Thus ends nweek 9.

The following ruminations occur to me:

* Was it really the intent of Entropy to only count changes in Charm,
instead of, say, "number of changes in Charm"? One player now has negative
Entropy as a result of the wording of that rule, which may not have been
what was intended.

* Radar doesn't specify whether its blippings should be public or private.
Until the rule is changed, I'm interpreting it as being public. So, any
radar blips will be displayed on the Grid as "blip!" or something similar.

There are four of 'em, actually...

Antonio's Radar is blipping at (20,16) and (19,20).
Scoff!'s Radar is blipping at (18,13).
Wonko's Radar is blipping at (12,9).

Nweek 10 begins:

Antonio is finally hit by Garbage Collection and is removed from The
Roster (and The Grid - hey, I remembered this time!)

This week's Gremlin Number is 17.

The Immunity Idol is awarded to Wonko.

The Token of Proposals cannot be awarded to Wonko because e carries the
Immunity Idol; therefore, the Token of Proposals is awarded to Glotmorf.

The Yeti is in Limbo, and will stay there, in all probability, because the
weather in Saint Louis is just wacky.

St. Louis, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, MO, United States
(KSTL) 38-45-09N 090-22-25W 171M
Mar 14, 2002 - 07:53 PM EST / 2002.03.15 0053 UTC
Wind: from the S (190 degrees) at 17 MPH (15 KT) gusting to 24 MPH (21 KT):0
Visibility: 10 mile(s):0
Sky conditions: partly cloudy
Temperature: 70.0 F (21.1 C)
Dew Point: 45.0 F (7.2 C)
Relative Humidity: 40%
Pressure (altimeter): 29.56 in. Hg (1001 hPa)
Pressure tendency: rising rapidly

Yup. Just a couple days ago, it was almost freezing; today, it was in the
balmy 70s (Fahrenheit, that is).

A Ball of Wax is dropped on the Grid at (19,1).

Curt and Rod move thrice randomly, ending up at (2,5) and (18,18)

This week's Colour Commentator is Naath.

I'm not yet ready to declare a state of Emergency, but there seems to be a
minor paradox in the rules: Wonko wants to Tackle Bean, which requires em
to occupy the same space as Bean. But Rule 301 explicitly forbids two
players to occupy the same space on the Grid. I'll re-read the relevant
rules a few more times and see if there's a legal way to resolve the


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