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spoon-business: ballot, nweek 9

Proposal 429/2: Izing on the Cake (Glotmorf)NO
Proposal 431/2: Blip... Blip... (Wonko)YES
Proposal 432/3: Literary Criticism (Wonko)NO
Proposal 433/3: They're Everywhere! Part 2 (Wonko)YES
Proposal 434/2: Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! v2.0 (Wonko)YES
Proposal 435/0: Roller Gremlin (The Voice)YES
[[Repairs/Resubmission Pending]]
Proposal 445/0: You're STILL a Blowhard! (The Voice)YES
[[Ditto... it's been a busy nweek.]]
Proposal 446/0: Ohh, one of those "funky" windows... (The Voice)YES
Proposal 448/2: Respect doesn't pay (Wonko)YES
Proposal 449/0: A little Wiggle room (Wonko)YES
Proposal 451/2: A Chilly Prospect (Wonko)YES
Proposal 452/2: Burn, baby, Burn! (Wonko)YES
Proposal 453/2: Anthologies (Wonko)NO
Proposal 454/0: Earth (Congenital Optimist)NO
Proposal 455/1: Like a fridge. (Uncle Psychosis)NO
[[Can't figure out what it does.]]
Proposal 456/0: Respect (Wonko)YES
Proposal 457/1: Continued Next Nweek... (Glotmorf)NO
[[Free points for you? Nobody else is going to take advantage of this, and you have a head start.]]
Proposal 458/0: How Far Will a Good Name and a Pretty Face Take You?
[[Need some justification.]]
Proposal 461/1: Cleaning Up My Own Damn Mess (The Administrator)YES
Proposal 463/0: Piddling on the Fire of the Gods (Glotmorf)YES

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