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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Monday morning)

Wonko revises lotsa proposals with the Curt and Rod fix: 431/1, 432/1,
433/2, 434/1, 448/1, 451/1, 452/1, 453/1.  Thanks for making my morning a
lot less fun. (I'm taking a little liberty with your request, which I'll
gladly not do if you like: I didn't apply this change to the Respect
declaration, or to your Haiku, because this change would break each of
their special qualities.)

Wonko then renovates 432 with "Literary Criticism" (432/2).

I'd already fixed that "Thermodynomics" thing. Coulda swore I mentioned
that about a week ago.

Wonko annoys me more by adding lame verbiage to the beginning of all of
eir proposals: 431/2, 432/3, 433/3, 434/2, 448/2, 451/2, 452/2, 453/2.
(Again, same liberty taken.)

Glotmorf rules on CFJ450. As a result of that, the Token of Proposals is
(belatedly) given to Scoff!.

(Which reminds me: Voting starts later today, at 6 PM Central time. If you
wanna use it, Scoff!, you'd better get writing. :)

Further review of the list reveals that I did, in fact, overlook a couple
of Glotmorf's proposals: "Continued Next Nweek..." is 457/0, and eir
second Nomilogue is 458/0. (Aside: First, I don't think the rules require
me to recognize things in the order they're received, and second, I'll
veto anything that requires me to do so. I am human, y'see, and have no
real desire to spend a half-hour or more renumbering things every time I
make a mistake. If you're worried about the PIG, buy him off.)

The "Witch Gremlin" CFJ is 459, assigned to Naath. (Great way to get
involved, innit? Get all dirty with the rules and archives.)

The "Wonko vs. Bandwidth Rationing" CFJ is 460, assigned to Bean. (By the
way, this one is False. Wonko has five proposals for this nweek, including
eir Haiku which I'd mistakenly labeled a CFJ for some reason I don't
understand right now; the others were submitted during the previous

Since the Yeti is in limbo, e doesn't get to move. (Thankfully. The Yeti
annoyed me even more than GremBall.) The Weather is still chilly - it's 36
degrees Fahrenheit right now.


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