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spoon-business: Proposal - Earth

[[Since we have a proposal regarding Wind and one regarding


Append to the end of 301/2:

Squares on the Grid may have Substance and Depth.

Substance describes the material of which the square is made.  Permitted
Substances shall appear in the List of Grid Substances.  The list content
may be modified using proposals.

Depth describes square's distance beneath the main body of the Grid.  Depth
is expressed in integers.

Create the List of Grid Substances.

Add Earth, Metal, and Mud to the list.

Assign the Characteristic of Earth to ten random squares on the Grid.

Append to 405/0

If a square with a Substance of Earth becomes Wet, its substance becomes
Mud for 3 ndays.

[[Since I need to get some sleep, I leave it to another day -- or someone
else -- to determine what the effects of Mud will be.]]


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