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spoon-business: ballot, nweek 8 -- votes (fwd)

The Voice's votes for the previous nweek...

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Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 21:14:15 -0500
From: Tyler Crosby <nomicvoice0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ballot, nweek 8 -- votes

Proposal 387/0: Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't (Bean)YES
Proposal 389/0: Let's Nip This In The Bud (Scoff!)NO
[[I like self-important use of Latin...]]
Proposal 390/0: You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary (Scoff!)NO
[[They annoy me anyway.  Not enough is happening with football yet.]]
Proposal 391/0: Fix The Haiku Bonus (Scoff!)YES
Proposal 392/0: Same As It Never Was (Rob)YES
Proposal 409/0: I Have Found The Solution! (Baron von Skippy)NO
Proposal 410/0: Another Way to Remove a Splinter (Baron von Skippy)NO
[[Takes away flaming gremlins named Bruce... :( ]]
Proposal 411/1: The Gremlin Factory (Dan)NO
Proposal 412/2: Bribes for the Gremlin Game (Dan)NO
[[Too complicated]]
Proposal 413/0: Someday We'll All Look Back On This and Laugh Nervously
Proposal 414/0: A Journey of a Thousand Words (Glotmorf)NO
[[I spend too much time on this game as it is...  I really like it,
Proposal 415/1: Hiding Really Means Hiding! (The Administrator)YES
Proposal 416/0: Do Gremlins Go To Heaven? (Glotmorf)NO
Proposal 417/1: Watch Your Step! (Glotmorf)YES
Proposal 418/1: Them's Good Eatin' (Glotmorf)NO
Proposal 419/0: There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket... (Scoff!)YES
Proposal 420/0: Second Law of Thermodynomics (The Voice)YES
[[Even with the typo...]]
Proposal 421/0: No, YOU'RE A Blowhard! (The Voice)YES
Proposal 422/0: Mommy, my Idol's broken! (The Voice)YES
Proposal 423/0: Inaugural Declaraion of Respect (The Voice)YES
Proposal 424/0: They're everwhere too! (Wonko)YES
Proposal 425/0: Football fixes (Bean)YES
Proposal 426/0: Only running is boring (Bean)YES
Proposal 427/0: Only running is boring II: Bean Boots Back (Bean)YES
Proposal 428/0: Nomic Revival (Rob)NO
[[Redundant due to 0/0]]

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