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spoon-business: Proposal

You knew and __, the Oscar it was legitimate, __ from that place as Oscars facility Gremlin the Gremlin which it knows it exists. 

The Oscars the facility Gremlin starts 600 smallness activity existences. The bow obeys the roster of the winner whom inside the roster which comes after it is what of Oscar types or all for it plans in aerial forum the map which will enter does not know a B Nomic Oscars facility from,: 

Inside the role which is important is important inside the actress and A support role the actress, (score) music, (song) the best picture, it saves the short film, the short film, when to save the feature film which learns the inside the player and A support role inside role, an art direction, the CINEMATOGRAPHY and a dress design, documentary feature, the foreign nation language film it edits, when time effect it edits, it instructs and when it writes, documentary short subject and film make-up, music -- the activity which is to live, sound and sound (under being adapted the zero anger base) it wrote, (the original motion picture base). 

The bow does not know selects the person who in the maximum quantity has become one name distinction inside each type. The insect limit roster of the person who becomes distinction the }http{: // For the each type which manufactures the person selection where the bow it could be discovered has become distinction, the bow 2 things smallness must give to a Oscars facility Gremlin. 

The bow noon, March to center standard time a selection first, obeys makes amend does not know always at 24th and 2002 years. The submission which decides a time or opening a court will not accept after. Submitting and opening a court are not effective by the executive official recognize until. 

The Oscars in conclusion of broadcasting, the Oscars facility Gremlin will present the result of facility inside the method which will come after,: 6 name bows to select and inside type - each type, when that type (for example, the total which the bow obeys 12 smallness) inside smallness when positive 20 smallness inside - it manufactures between the bow which selects the person who had become the distinction which it wins rightly, the germ back, will be divided. The bow inside type does not manufacture a selection anh u the cotton, for that type of that time Oscars facility Gremlin 20 smallness will decrease in marks obtained Gremlin. 

In order to select the smallness distribution which is equal possibility of the bow where inside event in the place the N manufactures a selection inside that type smallness is equal and that it will can be divided, the marks obtained Gremlin does not know addition N smallness until presents. 

- All remainder smallness that time most big type it hits inside the property of Oscars facility Gremlin will and the player which it selects (S) it is equal and it is divided. Smallness is equal and when it could be divided, the Oscars Gremlin to under uniformity it could be distributed, the what kind of smallness will maintain. 

Regarding the result of facility inside event of refutation, website as the last authority to be spared in the person who has become the distinction which it wins inside each type. The Oscars when it completes the medical service which the facility Gremlin makes above flaw E it sleeps, Oscars facility Gremlin the uncreated and this rule that time will withdraw.