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spoon-business: nweek 8 results

Yes, it's that time again...

The following are recognized during nweek 8:

"Run, Run, As Fast As You Can! v2.0" is 434/0.
The Sushi has been given to Scoff!.
"Roller Gremlin" is 435/0.

Glotmorf lobs the Witch Gremlin at Iain, who catches it and throws it back
to Glotmorf, who in turn slings it at Rob.

Bean gives 5 points to Wonko.

433 is revised (433/1).

I'm using a slightly liberal interpretation of Rule 31 here: Uncle
Psychosis' votes were received, by my mail server, after Voting had
closed, but they were sent from HIS mail server before Voting closed. R31
says "Votes may only be cast during the Voting"; even though the votes
were *received* late, they were in fact cast (sent) before the deadline.

Other end-of-nweek stuff:

The PIG is hungry. It eats Proposal 421.
Rocky throws a Big Rock onto the Grid at 17,18.

Everyone with queued Grid movements gets to move:

Rob moves to 5,4
The Voice moves to 6,6. E spends 10 points to fly the friendly skies
with Elbonian Airways, ultimately landing at 11,7.
Wonko moves to 18,6.
Baron von Skippy moves to 4,12. (I know eir move specified 12,4 but that
would be impossible; I'm assuming e merely transposed the digits.)
Bean Runs to 13,11.
Scoff! moves to 17,15, fires eir Pinball Gun at Antonio (who moves two
spaces to 20,18). Then Scoff! buys a new Pinball Gun (2 points).

Now, vote counting and sundry related stuff:

387/0 fails (2-9).
Bean loses 3 points.

389/0 fails (2-8-1).
Scoff! loses 2 points.

390/0 passes (6-5).
Created 436/0.
Scoff! scores 11 points.

391/0 passes (11-0).
Created 357/3.
Scoff! scores 8 points, which are transferred to the Scoring Gremlin.

392/0 passes (6-5).
Created 259/2.
Rob scores 18 points.

409/0 fails (3-8).
Baron von Skippy loses 5 points.

410/0 fails (4-6-1).
Baron von Skippy loses 4 points.

411/1 fails (1-8-2).
Dan loses 2 points.

412/2 fails (3-7-1).
Dan loses 4 points.

413/0 passes (8-1-2).
Created 129/3.
Rob scores 15 points.

414/0 somehow passes, despite the fact that it makes no sense (7-3-1).
Created 437/0.
Created 438/0.
Glotmorf scores 12 points.

415/1 passes (11-0).
Created 439/0.
The Scoring Gremlin scores 8 points.

416/0 fails (4-6-1).
Glotmorf loses 2 points.

417/1 passes (5-3-3).
Created 394/2.
Glotmorf scores 8 points.

418/1 fails (3-7-1).
Glotmorf loses 6 points.

419/0 fails (3-6-2).
Scoff! loses 3 points.

420/0 passes (9-1-1).
Created 440/0.
The Voice scores 13 points.

421/0 was eaten by the PIG (would have failed 2-6-3).

422/0 passes (9-1-1).
Created 293/1.
The Voice scores 10 points.

423/0 passes (9-1-1).
Rob gains 1 Respect.

424/0 passes (7-4).
Created 441/0.
Created 442/0.
Created one Basic Gnome, randomly placed at (2,17).
Created 406/1.
The Yoyo Gremlin ceases to exist... e is replaced by the Yoyo Gremlin, who
is randomly placed on the Grid at (15,6).
Wonko scores 14 points.

425/0 passes, amidst a sea of apathy (4-2-5).
Created 394/3.
Bean scores 14 points.

426/0 fails (3-3-5).
Bean loses 1 point.

427/0 passes (4-2-5).
Created 443/0.
Bean scores 9 points.

428/0 fails (4-4-3).
Rob loses 4 points.

Thus ends the nweek.

Nweek 9 begins, and the following events happen:

The new Gremlin number is 68.
The Immunity Idol is awarded to The Voice (again).
The Token of Proposals is awarded to The Voice (as the Bandwidth Gremlin
becomes Active).

(This involves a potentially-controversial interpretation of the rules:
Motions for Respect don't count as normal Proposals for purposes of
scoring, but they do acquire votes. The Voice is the one who proposed
Rob's Declaration of Respect, and with it, eir proposals acquired 27
affirmative votes. If you don't count that, then Scoff! receives the Token
with eir total of 22 votes.)

The weather kicks in...

St. Louis, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, MO, United States
	(KSTL) 38-45-09N 090-22-25W 171M
Mar 04, 2002 - 09:53 PM EST / 2002.03.05 0253 UTC
Wind: from the WSW (240 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 KT):0
Visibility: 10 mile(s):0
Sky conditions: overcast
Temperature: 34.0 F (1.1 C)
Windchill: 26 F (-3 C):1
Dew Point: 23.0 F (-5.0 C)
Relative Humidity: 63%
Pressure (altimeter): 30.21 in. Hg (1023 hPa)
Pressure tendency: 0.05 inches (1.6 hPa) higher than three hours ago

It's cold, but technically it's not below freezing (tell that to my
driveway, though...) It's been above freezing for three Characteristic
changes, so all Wet squares evaporate and the Yeti enters Limbo.

A Ball of Wax falls from the heavens and lands at (12,3).

This week's Colour Commentator is Uncle Psychosis.

That should do it, methinks.


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