Tyler Crosby on 4 Mar 2002 03:59:38 -0000

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spoon-business: roller gremlin

{{ __Roller Gremlin__

Create a new rule entitled __The Roller Gremlin__ with the following
-0-delimited text:

There exists a Gremlin known as the Roller Gremlin.  At the beginning of
each nweek, the Roller Gremlin will be placed by the Administrator in a
random square on the Grid which has a y value of 20.  The Roller Gremlin
will then proceed to move down the Grid in a random fashion.  However, each
move that the Roller Gremlin takes must be to a square with a y value 1
lower than the square it is in.  When the Roller Gremlin reaches a square
with a y value of 1, e is removed from the Grid.  If the Roller Gremlin, at
any point, would occupy the same space as a Big Rock, the Big Rock and
anything on it is destroyed.  If e, at any point, occupies the same space as
a player or gremlin, that player or gremlin is placed into Limbo.

If rule 293/1 exists,

Amend rule 293 by adding the following -0- delimited text to the list in the second paragraph:

8)If the Roller Gremlin occupies the same space as the player who owns the
Idol, e is not placed into Limbo.

And by replacing the first word in the second paragraph with the following -00- delimited text:

Any proposal which creates


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