Wonko on 4 Mar 2002 01:08:00 -0000

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spoon-business: Voting on the right list

Quoth David E. Smith,

> Proposal 387/0: Bean sucks, but Vows of Poverty don't (Bean)
No (379 failed....)
> Proposal 389/0: Let's Nip This In The Bud (Scoff!)
No (I turned that off)
> Proposal 390/0: You Can't Have Football Without Color Commentary (Scoff!)
No (Nothing seems to be happening....)
> Proposal 391/0: Fix The Haiku Bonus (Scoff!)
> Proposal 392/0: Same As It Never Was (Rob)
> Proposal 409/0: I Have Found The Solution! (Baron von Skippy)
No (I like the 'flaming Gremlin named Bruce' better; Now we just need the
Flaming Gremlin)
> Proposal 410/0: Another Way to Remove a Splinter (Baron von Skippy)
No (Flaming Bruce again)
> Proposal 411/1: The Gremlin Factory (Dan)
No (resubmit it with Gnomes, maybe?)
> Proposal 412/2: Bribes for the Gremlin Game (Dan)
No (What stops me from buying enough Gremlins to pass a "Wonko recieves 1000
points" proposal?)
> Proposal 413/0: Someday We'll All Look Back On This and Laugh Nervously (Rob)
> Proposal 414/0: A Journey of a Thousand Words (Glotmorf)
Abstain  (I like the idea, but I'm hesitant to resign myself to reading
eight-page proposals...)
> Proposal 415/1: Hiding Really Means Hiding! (The Administrator)
> Proposal 416/0: Do Gremlins Go To Heaven? (Glotmorf)
No (won't work; "there exists a Gremlin" takes precedence over it)
> Proposal 417/1: Watch Your Step! (Glotmorf)
Abstain (I'm not sure if I understand it; I don't have time to calculate it;
I'll let everyone else decide for me)
> Proposal 418/1: Them's Good Eatin' (Glotmorf)
> Proposal 419/0: There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket... (Scoff!)
No (It would read: A Big Rock must be placed in a vacant location on the
Grid, no other object -- Players, Things, etc. -- can occupy that Grid
location, with the exception of a Siren.)
> Proposal 420/0: Second Law of Thermodynamics (The Voice)
> Proposal 421/0: No, YOU'RE A Blowhard! (The Voice)
> Proposal 422/0: Mommy, my Idol's broken! (The Voice)
> Proposal 423/0: Inaugural Declaraion of Respect (The Voice)
> Proposal 424/0: They're everwhere too! (Wonko)

> Proposal 425/0: Football fixes (Bean)
> Proposal 426/0: Only running is boring (Bean)
> Proposal 427/0: Only running is boring II: Bean Boots Back (Bean)
{I'm still a little confused about Football in general. I'll let everyone
else decide for me until I'm sure I understand how it all works)

> Proposal 428/0: Nomic Revival (Rob)
No (emergency procedures take care of it)


"Nothing is wrong with California that a rise in the ocean level wouldn't
cure. "
- Ross MacDonald