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spoon-business: The Daily Recognizer (Friday evening)

Okay, here we go.

The Weather is as follows:

St. Louis, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, MO, United States
(KSTL) 38-45-09N 090-22-25W 171M
Mar 01, 2002 - 05:53 PM EST / 2002.03.01 2253 UTC
Wind: from the SE (140 degrees) at 14 MPH (13 KT):0
Visibility: 10 mile(s):0
Sky conditions: overcast
Temperature: 46.0 F (7.8 C)
Dew Point: 21.9 F (-5.6 C)
Relative Humidity: 38%
Pressure (altimeter): 30.07 in. Hg (1018 hPa)

Yes, it's still above Freezing, so each of the spaces occupied by the Yeti
after e moves will change from Frozen to Wet pretty much instantly.

The Yeti moves thusly:
Starts at (14,13)
NE to 15,14
E to 16,14 (Hi, Scoff!)
W back to 15,14
NW to 14,15
N to 14,16
S back to 14,15
NE to 15,16
W to 14,16

I promise those numbers were random. Not at all part of a secret plan on
my part to reduce the number of Grid squares I have to edit. (Honestly,
they were random; the fact that only a few squares are "touched" is just a
happy coincidence.)

Unless someone has a convincing case to the contrary, I'm assuming that
the squares touched in this set of moves by The Yeti were frozen for such
a brief time that they don't become Brooks per 408/0.

Scoff is Wet until the end of the nweek. Hopefully it won't matter much
(unless someone starts setting Gremlins on fire again)...

Oh yeah. The PIG is Active again.

415 is revised with the following text (self-recognized as 415/1):

Create a new rule:

__Hiding Really Means Hiding__

A Gremlin which is Hiding has no location. It is not on the Grid, nor in
Limbo, nor in any other location that may exist. A Gremlin which goes into
Hiding for any reason is removed from whatever location it happens to
occupy at the time it goes into Hiding. Such Gremlins may not be used in
GremBall, and may not vote (if another rule specifies that a Gremlin may
vote, this rule takes precedence over that one). A Gremlin being carried
by another player is considered to occupy the location of that player. [[
but since this rule mainly deals with Hiding Gremlins, it shouldn't matter
much ]]

Gremlins which become Active after being in Hiding have a 50% chance of
entering Limbo, and a 50% chance of being placed on the Grid at a random
location determined by the Administrator, subject to other rules defining
location of objects on the Grid (i.e. a Gremlin can't appear in a location
occupied by a Big Rock, etc.).

"Do Gremlins Go To Heaven?" is 416/0.
"They're not just cute and furry and aerodynamic..." is 417/0 and a bad idea.
"Them's Good Eatin'" is 418/0 and a much better idea.

Scoff! awards the Scarf to Rob, who receives 7 Style Points and 2 Score

412/1 is rectified (drid -> grid) and recognized.
412/2 is rectified (Administer -> Administrator) and recognized.
418/1 (the -1 Hunger revision) is recognized.

"There Was A Young Siren From Nantucket..." is 419/0 and darn funny.

Scoff! buys a Style Attribute (and a darn spiffy one at that) and a
Pinball Gun.

"Second Law of Thermodynamics" is rectified (I added linebreaks between
its conditions so it's a bit more readable) and recognized (420/0).

"No, YOU'RE A Blowhard!" is 421/0 (rectified as above).

The Voice joins Team Crimson. (The Voice's move is queued for the end of
the nweek, as is eir flight on Elbonian Airways.)

Rob's move is queued.

"Mommy, my Idol's broken!" is 422/0.
"Inaugural Declaration of Respect" is 423/0.

"They're everywhere too!" is 424/0.

"Football fixes" is 425/0.
"Only running is boring" is 426/0.
"Only running is boring II: Bean Boots Back!" is 427/0.

Darnit, I wanted the Gamestate to be Blue. Would anyone object to fuchsia?

Wonko's move is queued.
Baron von Skippy's move is queued.

Baron von Skippy has, perhaps, found a loophole in the Sushi. It's
subjective. At any rate, e gives said Sushi to The Voice.

"Nomic Revival" is 428/0 and gives me another way to declare that the
Gamestate is Blue. Heh.

The Voice can't grab the Yoyo Gremlin, since it is in Limbo. (I'm tempted
to rename Limbo to "The Astral Plane" to help emphasize the connection
that it's not easy to transfer from one to the other.)

"Watch Your Step" is 417/1 and much less painful than that whole gremlin
cloning thing (which aside from the annoyance to me, brings with it a
whole lot of religious and ethical issues)

I'm not going to recognize "Roller Gremlin" because officially I can only
recognize the version sent to the business list, and that version is utter
f'n gibberish. If I could legally do anything with the version on the
-discuss list I would, but I'm pretty sure I can't do so.

Holy cow. It's nday 8 now, and time for a ballot.

Don't let me take time off again, because I'll make slip-ups all over the

And I'll fix the Proposals page soon -- looks like the greater-than stuff
in "Blowhard" shot the HTML all to fsck.


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